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1000 Games of SotM

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mwc146 wrote:

Suddenly it feels weird not recording and reporting every game I play.

Then why stop? Add to the statistics project!

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That's what I'm doing! It's cathartic. Though now I can't record any custom playtesting stuff. :B

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Well my attempt of the baron blade fight endend with a loss, he started with 2 mobile defense platforms and none of my heroes had any starting damage output so it was a pretty short match.

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My victory lap ended better than expected. He got two Mobile Defense Platforms out and a Leaking Room came out between us and the flip; he was at 18 discards when I flipped him, only because I took the 13 damage hit from Devious Disruption so that it could be (in Tachyon's case) redirected to him via Synaptic Interruption.  Worth it. 


Flipped him, then spanked him.

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The Burning Stickman
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Did a victory lap with the F5 vs. Advanced Blade in Atlantis. Environment was benign, and none of Baron's really bad cards ever came out, so it was a fairly easy win. Helps that Legacy started with Inspiring Presence in hand, so everyone was doing obscene damage every turn. Bunker only got one of his damaging powers out last turn, spending the rest of the time gluing down the environment and setting things on fire. Didn't even need Infrared Eyepiece.