The Forums Have Moved!

The Greater Than Games forums are now at a new site:
(that's "forums", plural, with an S)

What do you need to do?

  1. Go to the new site and request a new password using your email address.
    Click the Log In button in the upper right of the page.
    Then click the I forgot my password link and follow the instructions.
  2. Enjoy the new features!


A note about usernames

Usernames were changed per the rules of the new forums. Your current username may be altered somewhat per the rules below. Your current username was copied exactly into your Name for display purposes.

  • Spaces were replaced with underscores: (Citizen Dawn becomes Citizen_Dawn)
  • A period followed by a space is now an underscore: (Dr. Doom is now Dr_Doom)
  • Apostrophes were replaced with underscores: (Big Jim O’Leary is now Big_Jim_O_Leary)
  • Emails-as-usernames had the removed and became a raw username: ( is now just IronLegacy)
  • Usernames less than 3-letters long had numbers appended to it. (TJ is now TJ1
  • Non-roman letters were replaced with their roman equivalents: (Zoë the Cat is now Zoe_the_Cat)

If you have trouble logging in, please email me at gtg <at>

As a reminder, the following applies:

  • Avatars have been imported
  • All posts have been imported
  • All attachments have been imported
  • Private Messages have NOT been imported.
    There are no plans to migrate Private Messages. The old forums will remain online for some time for you to archive them if you wish.

Can I still see the old forums?

Sure can! There are in their usual place at We will keep them running for a month or two, but most activity including new topics and replies to topics are disabled.

Will my bookmarks still work?

Probably not. The structure of the URLs on the new site are pretty different. If you have questions, send cajunjoel a message.