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.....when all hell broke loose.

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.....when all hell broke loose.

The game was Gloomweaver vs Absolute Zero, Unity and Bunker in Atlantis. After struggling through a slow start due to Gloomweavers card discarding powers and flooding rooms we had finally sent the third relic to the trash. The thing was it was the first hero of the turn, Absolute Zero, who had done it leaving two hero turns and an environment turn before we actually won. Gloomweaver still had 60 hitpoints. Thats when all hell broke loose.

Unity did a hasty augmentation to Absolute Zeros thermal shockwave having him spread around a total of 12 cold damage (4 to Gloomweaver) before dealing himself 14 fire damage triggering a fling of 15 more cold damage to Gloomweaver leaving AZ at 1 HP. Then Gloomweaver got savaged for another 12 damage by a pair of raptor bots. Bunker in turret mode then fired the Flack Cannon, Gatling Gun and Omni Cannon for a total of 14 damage.

It appeared at that point that Gloomweaver would still merely be banished to the other realm through the loss of his relics instead of being beaten, then a halway collapsed. The two raptor bots and poor stealth bot (saving AZ) were taken out, this triggered explosive parts to deal Gloomweaver, now the lowest HP nonhero target 9 damage (champion bot survived). At this point all that remained on the battle field was horibly hurt but not beaten Gloomweaver with 3 hitpoints .......and the lone surviving Kraken.

My 8 year old son and I both agree that we like Chuck E Cheese better than Plague Rat. He is much easier to beat up.