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We've moved!!

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We've moved!!

Welcome to our new home!

As you can tell, we're on a new website, new software easier management, integrated store and forum user accounts and, most likely, a lot of growing pains!

Please, please, please, be patient! We're still getting used to our new digs and we know that most of you spend a lot of time in the forums which is, beyond any doubt, the largest part of the website. 

Some features you used before may be missing, some may be changed, some may cause you to scratch your head and go "Huh?". We'll use this particular post as a place to annouce things of importance.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be making incremental changes to the forums which should continue to improve your forum experience. 

To raise any concerns about the forums, please see this topic, which is for general discussion. We'll be monitoring that for your feedback. 

PASSWORDS: If you cannot log in, please request a new password to reset it. Some passwords were transferred, others were not. 

MODERATORS and PLAYTESTERS: We still need to enable your access. (I think we got this, right?)

PRIVATE MESSAGES: These have been migrated, but it looks as if they are still hidden. We'll work to get them back.

AVATARS: These were not migrated. You can upload a new avatar by clicking "My Account" (upper right of the page), then the "Edit" tab, and then uploading a new "Picture". 

TO MARK ALL POSTS AS READ: Since we imported, everything looks new. :) Use the "Forum tools" drop-down at the bottom of the forum homepage. Choose "Mark all topics read". That'll do the trick! (Update: this may not always work, but let's hope for the best. We're still monitoring this there seems to be a strange bug.)

TIME ZONES: The system uses UTC (London time) behind the scenes. If your posts look like they were made several hours in the future, check your time zone settings by editing your profile. If your time zone is not set, you will be reminded of this when logging in.

MESSAGES: The private messaging is working, but the tab does not show up on your user profile page. You can go to the /messages URL to see them. We are working on restoring the button.

MESSAGES (ROUND 2): There is now a messages tab on your profile page. Enjoy!

ATTACHMENTS: We are currently looking into the settings necessary for getting attachments to work. We'll keep you posted.

SIGNATURES: They are back. They should have been carried over in the move. Edit your user profile if you want to update it.

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As a quick follow-up note, I have just enabled proper access for all Moderators and Playtesters. Everyone should be able to do the stuff they are supposed to be able to do now!

Let me know if you should be a Playtester and are not able to see the Playtester boards. Still need to go through and add a Playtester badge/banner thing.

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