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Weekly One-Shot #262: Glow Up

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Weekly One-Shot #262: Glow Up

Infinitor is exploring the Temple of Anubis, where Blood-Mage Lifeline, Spirit of the Void Akash'Thryia and Dark Conductor Argent Adept are facing him down.
This was not as bad as I expected.
I eared a "mint" with the heroes in pretty good shape (20/18/19).  It was a LONG game (9-10 rounds?).  I think the heroes took Infinitor down to about half strength the first N-1 rounds and did the other half of the damage in the final round.  I didn't even realize it *was* the final round until the start of Argent Adept's turn.
The heroes pretty much took out the manifestations as soon as they showed up.  This kept Infinitor on his front side the entire game (with his really annoying -1 Damage Reduction the entire game).  This might have been overly conservative on my part; I suspect I could have started reckless damage earlier and finished faster.
All the heroes did their part.  Lifeline did slow but steady damage the entire game.  Akash'Thryia pretty much took over the environment deck and her seed cards were really handy protecting the heroes and getting rid of annoying environment cards in play.  I had a few nice turns where an environment card wanted to hit all targets, and I had it hammer Inifintor and his manifestations first, then take out a seed card which let me destroy the environment card, protecting the heroes from the damage.  I love it when a plan comes together.  Argent Adept took a longer time to get set up (stupid, stupid "Crushing Cages").  But once he did, he was really effective.  His innate power was also really handy, getting rid of annoying cards from the top of Infinitor's deck.

Fun match.  Might try again to see if I can finish it faster.

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Yeah, I was surprised this actually worked out so well. The Seeds were really clutch, absorbing those nasty lowest-target hits and then retaliating. Though I was loath to use Creeping Mold, which is normally my go-to, since destroying it could lead to a discard if one was not careful. Noxious Pod and Strangling Roots were both great, though, and Healing Pollen kept everyone healthy. :)

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Mint with everyone near 20, though it wasn't that way the whole game. At one point I was choosing which hero target was the highest hp with 5 hp. Akash'Flora even helped tank by being one of the higher HP targets at times.

Kept him flipped for most of the game to get rid of the damage reduction. The environment helped keep the manifestations down to a reasonable level, and I just took as little damage as I could while getting set up. It took a while, but once I did get set up, Akash and AA were healing pretty good amounts of HP each turn and started letting Lifeline start to do his thing, which was blow stuff up in short order.

One thing I didn't consciously realize was that Lifeline's Discharge Lifeforce and VItality Battery work together pretty well. He can just blow up a target and regain HP and deal damage.