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Weekly One-Shot #257: The Spookiest Month

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Weekly One-Shot #257: The Spookiest Month

Advanced Edition Skinwalker Gloomweaver is attacking the Nexus of the Void.  Can our hero team of Guise, Dark Watch Harpy, the Naturalist, Curse of the Black Spot La Comodora and Malpractice Dr. Medico stop him? (Spoilers: yes, yes they can.)

This hero team handed Gloomy his  hat (it’s an old-guy expression: don’t worry about it).  In fact, with Dr. Medico on the team, the heroes ended the fight with only the smallest of scratches if not at full hit points.

For me, this was La Comodora’s game.  It took her a while to get set up (thanks to big assists from Harpy and the Naturalist), but once she was ready to fight Gloomy went down in about a round.  She got to do her big power move (destroy all her equipment in play to her trash, move all her equipment from her trash to her empty draw pile while doing a massive attack, and then playing all her equipment cards) twice, and was set up to do it every round thereafter.  Gloomy didn’t know what hit him.

I’m not a huge Guise fan, but I admit he has his moments.  He got to pull off his “Guise the Barbarian”/”Blatant Reference” move *twice* this game, which was nice (he pretty much *finally* got rid of the annoying “Pouch of Bones”).

Harpy played a big support role this fight.  She played “Swift Summoning” her first round and got good use out of it most of the game.  Her birds (buffed by “Savanna Nocturna”) did some nice damage as well.

The Naturalist also was a big support player, going gazelle-mode early on and giving La Comodora lots of extra card draws.  He also took out of several low-hit-point targets with “Cornered Beast” and played a well-timed “Predator’s Eye” on Gloomweaver going into the last round.

As said before, La Comodora was MVP for this game, doing the bulk of the damage.  She pretty much took Gloomy from close to full heath on his front side to flipping him to defeating him a touch over one round.  She also played “Rudder in the Timestream” the first round and used it most rounds to keep cultists and zombies out of Gloomweaver’s trash, so they couldn’t come back into play.

I used Dr. Medico as a straight healer this game, never even using his innate power.  He quickly got set up as a healing engine, and with “Savana Nocturna” in play much of the game, Medico’s healing was phenomenal.   He was even healing environment targets to keep them in the game (to cut down on Gloomweaver’s extra card plays and healing).  He was saving a couple of “Immunization” cards to protect the heroes from Gloomy’s big attacks once he flipped but he never needed to use them.  (La Comodora’s “Brig Teleporter” nixed Gloomy’s attacks right before he flipped and canceled out his attacks on the one round he had a turn on his flip side.)

The environment worked out pretty well for the heroes.  I think the Naturalist was able to manipulate the environment deck early on to get rid of the troublesome “Void Spirit” and get “Jade Estuary” into play faster, so that was nice.

This was a much nicer fight than I expected.

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I was amazed at how everything kind of fell into place for this one. Guise somehow (I'm honestly not sure how) played La Paradoja Figurehead off the top of La Comodora's deck, after which I was able to give it to Harpy, and then Gloomy never stood a chance. I did something like 80 damage to him in one round after he flipped. :) Guise copying Harpy is fantastic!