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Weekly One-Shot 193 Demand on the Gods

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Weekly One-Shot 193 Demand on the Gods

Advanced Ennead vs Setting Son Ra, Spirit of the Void Akash’Thriya, Dark Conductor Argent Adept and Dark Watch Harpy in the Nexus of the Void.

It’s the Advanced Ennead and Ra has area damage, so burninate everything. Argent Adept can add more card plays for Ra to give him fodder for his power or one shots to burn things, while Harpy gets Swift Summoning in her opening hand for mor card play.

Mint but everyone except the Adept was out.

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This was so much fun. :D Didn't lose anyone, thanks to a lengthy chain of Arcane Cadences that gave me a Rhapsody of Vigor, which I could use eventually.

Basically what Paul said: just use your powers to let Ra play cards, it'll be great. :)

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I got into a cycle where I had AA let Ra play Solar Flare on his turn, then use it on Ra's turn but let it expire, then Vernal Sonata to put it back on Ra's deck, then play it with AA's power. Free Solar Flares go a long way when you've got Setting Sun Ra's power and Scorched Earths in-hand.

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Basically, as long as you use Harpy and Argent Adept to fuel Ra, you should be fine.

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Same as everyone else, feeding Ra all the damages means toasty Ennead. Game ended before all the Ennead even made it out, with something like 6/28/20/22 hp left. 

Ra brutalized the Ennead with all the card plays, and the Vernal Sonata/Play top card combo is bruta . I was using Fire Blast, but the Solar Flare above would probably be even better. Harpy did decent damage as well with Summon the Flock repeatedly. Fun game overall. 


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Turns out you can lose this one. Savanah Nocturna into Taiga Burning Bright into Elemental Storm meant everyone took 11 damage and died horribly except for Akash, who couldn't clutch it out on her own.

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Ennead never got to play a card after turn 1, as Argent Adept used three consecutive turns to recycle and replay As the Earth Turns. Meanwhile, Ra lit everything on fire, Harpy contributed some damage, and by the end Akash had 5-6 seeds out for her base power to rack up damage too.

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I also just kept cycling As The Earth Turns to deny the Ennead turns, while using Akash'Flora to give Ra multiple burns. Ra kept playing new ongoings to feed to his power, while his Flesh of the Sun God stayed around long enough to keep his HP up.

The rest was Mint with everyone but Ra at 20+ HP. Ra was at 8 HP, and only had a total of six cards left in his hand, play area, and deck combined.