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Weekly One Shot 188 Create Contraption

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Weekly One Shot 188 Create Contraption

FF Wraith, Benchmark, FF Bunker and Unity vs Trickster Kismet in Freedom Tower.


Exit: Fairly easy mint. Wraith gets her eye piece early and you can do a lot to prevent Kismet flipping. FF Bunker and Unity are a bot army making catastrophe for villains.

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It took some care to pull off a Mint, but this wasn't too hard. Power move is stacking the villain deck with a Lucky card then blowing up a Bee Bot to drop Lady Luck. Mostly, I just let the Jinxes pile up and stopped Kismet from dealing damage as often as I could. Bunker was useful for getting Golems out, and Benchmark and Unity did tons of damage.

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Mint. First few turns were kind of painful, but got a lot simpler once I searched Unity’s deck for both Stealth Bot and Speed Bot. Stealth Bot dealt with most of the low grade damage and Speed Bot turned Unity’s production up to 11. Ended up with all 5 Freedom five bots, 3 x Platform Bots and a Raptor Bot in play, and that much damage stacks up fast... 

Everyone else did there but, but Unity was the star of this one for me I think. Freedom Tower is a fairly easy location to take on Kismet as her best defensive card has no real effect since there are no environment targets.

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Well, this was a pleasant change after the last few weeks' one-shots.  Pretty straight-forward.  Here are a few random throughts.

“Freedom Tower” is just the *wrong* place for Kismet to show up for a fight.  She plays “Inconceivable Obstruction” to try to hide behind environment targets?  Sorry, Kismet, there are no targets there.  The environment plays “Training Simulator”?  Sorry Kismet, you have no targets in your deck to play.

Given the name, I had some ideas how this game would play out (“everyone, aid Unity!”).  I thought she would build a bot army to take down Kismet, and she got some out, but not as many as I expected.

 Benchmark got the Talisman on the first round, and (maybe incorrectly) I feared Kismet flipping, so he kept it pristine the entire game, which means Benchmark got pummeled by Kismet on her every turn.  Maybe that’s the wrong approach, but it worked for me.

 Wraith and Benchmark (via the Talisman) really did a number on Kismet’s deck order, allowing only the merely irritating cards out (avoiding the horrible ones).  I used FF Wraith’s innate power more than I usually do, to mostly give extra card draws to Unity.

Benchmark got insanely set up.  I think he had 7 hardware cards in play at the end of the game and not that many software cards.  However, this setup gave him three powers on his turn, and he used it to hit Kismet twice with “Shunt Energy” (he already had “Reinforced Chassis” in play to mitigate the pummeling from Kismet, so he suffered no damage from using “Shunt Energy”) and either used his innate power or the Talisman as needed.

 Bunker’s innate power was really useful getting Unity and Benchmark set up.  His last turn he also did a lot of damage to Kismet that I was not expecting (he got a free “Turret Mode” from using his innate power, and an extra power from “Aux Power Source”, so also fired a buffed “Omni-Canon” and “Grenade Launcher”).

Unity was getting set up.  I got out “Swift Bot” and “Stealth Bot” early, and *really* wanted to keep “Stealth Bot” out to absorb all the 1 point attacks the heroes were taking, but it bravely sacrificed its life to save its two “Raptor Bots” mates, which was key.  On her last turn, Unity had 3 “Raptor Bots” in play, each doing 6 points of damage.  Not bad.

 I felt like the heroes spent the bulk of the game getting set up, but doing minimal damage to Kismet with all her healing, and I didn’t think I was done setting up when suddenly in one round the heroes took Kismet from almost full health to almost dead.  The next round was just a few small hits to finish Kismet off.

 I made several mistakes in this game (meaning to give Benchmark a card play from Wraith but gave it to Bunker instead, or not really thinking through the ordering of cards I was arranging in Kismet’s deck, or waiting a round too long to play Wraith’s “Throat Jab”), but still, an easy win.

5/5.  Would fight again.


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Four-round stomping on my end. I got out Wraith's Eyepiece turn 1 and started deck stacking with either her or Benchmark every turn, such that Kismet never got to play a Lucky card. Meanwhile, Bunker got a couple bots out for Unity, and a Flash Forge netted two Raptors and a Construction Pylon. The Raptor army and a couple of boosted Razor Ordnances made short work of Kismet while Benchmark soaked every Jinx that came out. Final HP 26 / 15 / 27 / 22.