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Unstoppable Force

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Unstoppable Force

I know its too late for this to have any impact but i figured i'd put it out there anyway.

So heres my idea for a villian.

Unstoppable force: an ex-citizen of the dawn exile forced into exile due to belief that he is greater than citizen dawn herself which led to his single-minded desire to kill every human special and normal alike. His power is control over the newton power of force, making him invulnerable and unstoppable.


The unique mechanic would be the invulerable card in his deck put out at the start of play: immovable object.

In his begining phase : "unstoppable force" he would have no health and would not play cards from his deck. But at the end of the phase he would deal H-1 melee damage to all targets(including evironments and immovable object). Advanced: play cards from the villian deck

Immovbale object: starts with 10 health. a device created by tachyon to weaken unstoppable force. If a hero would be healed this turn you may instead direct that health to the object, If dealt damage to this object the object will instead be healed by damage/2 instead. When device reaches 15 health flip unstoppable force to stoppable force. All attacks by the force deal damage as normal


Stoppable force: this weakened villian would have 50 health. You may now play from the villian deck. all damage done to stoppable force must be split evenly between himself and the object. At the end of turn deal H-1 melee damage to the hero with the highest health and the immovable object. If immovable object reachs 5 health flip this card.


Cards in deck:

COME ON HIT ME!(oneshot): Each hero must use one power that does damge to unstoppable force and immovable object. if a hero does not have a damaging power deal one melee damage to stoppable force and one melee damage the immovable object.

Recklass abandon(oneshot): destroy all environment cards: deal x damage to the immovable object where x is the number of destroyed cards.

Unstoppable assualt(oneshot): deal each hero 2 melee damage and play the next villain card.

Complete defense(ongoing): -1 damage done to Force

Removal of all obstacles(ongoing): the hero with the most health skips his next turn, each player may destroy a ongoing or equipment card to cancel this effect.



So what do you guys think this is just an idea i had so obviously its not completely fleshed out.