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Unity's Future (One-Shot)

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Unity's Future (One-Shot)

Hi everybody! So, I decided to try my hand at writing fanfic. I want to warn you now that this is my first writing piece in a while, and so hopefully it ain't too bad. (Crossing my fingers anyways.) I also hope that I got their personalities right, but I'll let yall decide that for me. ;) Alright, as for the story itself, this is a chance encounter between Unity and Tachyon. Enjoy!


"After ditching another boring college, there isn't really much to do but to hang out at your parent's house and eat their food. Maybe watch the news. Listen to them talk about your future. At least until you find another school," Devra explained to her robot as it marched beside her. She had decided that a walk around the neighborhood with her latest creation would help change up her daily routine. "Maybe this next one will be interesting."

The bot chomped it's teeth in response. Devra smiled, "I think for now I should try to find a way to get you a voice box. That could liven up the place."

"That's a cute little robot you got there." A feminine voice interrupted her thoughts.

Devra looked up to see a blonde woman standing beside her. "Oh, thanks! Nice...jogging suit." Was that woman here a minute ago? 

The woman smiled at her, "Thanks, I made it myself. Part of an experiment I'm working on." The woman took off her red-tinted sunglasses as she pushed back a few stray hairs. The "jogging suit," if it could really be called that, looked like a leotard with red circles on her side.

"You're a scientist?" Devra questioned. 

"Yeah." The Scientist smirked as she checked the time.

"That must be nice," Devra replied back, "if I had an attention span I'd like to do that."

"It definitely has its perks. There's always something new and exciting just waiting to be discovered," she cheerfully stated, "Like, for example, that robot of yours. Where'd you get it?" The woman squatted beside the bot. She seemed to be breaking the bots anatomy down as she looked at it. The bot tilted it's head to the side as it watched the scientist. Devra found herself being infected by excitement as this scientist looked at her creation.

"I woke up the other night and decided to made it!"

"What do you mean?" The scientist glanced away from the robot to look up at Devra.

"I woke up, thought about it, and then I made it," the girl stated.

The Scientist seemed thoughtful of the response. She went back to looking at the little creation. It was a miniature version of raptors that ran around long ago. The robot stared at her as she got up to walk around the raptor bot. A pink streak ran across the back of the little raptor's body. 

"How exactly did you make this? I mean, other then with your creativity?" The Scientist turned her attention away from the creation to stare at her.

"You could say I have a natural talent."

"Really now?"

"I call it being a technopath. Thought it had a nice ring to it."

"A technopath? Interesting way to define yourself. Most use the term Ferro-kinetic powers for such abilities. How long did it take you to make it?"

"A minute? Maybe less," she boasted. It was a record breaker for her. The last golem she made took ten minutes.

"What's your name?"

Devra stopped for a second. Was it worth it? This was a complete stranger. On the other hand, she had already told this woman so much that saying her name wouldn't be that bad. "It's Devra Caspit."  

The Scientist nodded in affirmation. "Well, Devra Caspit. I see a bright future ahead for you." 

"Haha, only if I can find a college interesting enough." 

"I wouldn't be to worry. I gotta run, but it was nice meeting you."  The scientist began to put her sunglasses back on.

"What's your name?" 

"Meredith." The scientist broke out a smile before she ran off.

Devra just stood there for a moment, mesmerized by the woman. A complete stranger had faith in her abilities. The raptor bot rubbed it's head against her leg. A smile broke across her face as she looked at her little Robot. "Well, Mr. Chomps, that was interesting."

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