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The Sniper From Beyond The Veil of Eternity (work in progress)

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The Sniper From Beyond The Veil of Eternity (work in progress)

As I look back upon the events of September 1st, 2014, I cannot help but wonder whether what I witnessed was truly a reality, or if the entire world has gone mad.  After all, the existence of alien dimensions, devoid of the familiar physical laws which govern our tiny human-habitable corner of the vast and uncaring cosmos, has been verified both theoretically and through personal experience by Dr. Meredith Stinson, as reported in the most recent edition of the Megalopolis Journal for the Physical Sciences.  Strange anomalies of time and space have been reported frequently since the dawn of the so-called "superheroic age", a time which noted occult theorist Dr. Harvey Walters describes as being essentially similar to the metareality paradigm described in the Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian myth-cycles.  He proposes that the divinities described in those mythologies actually existed, as essentially humanlike beings possessed of vast power, and more importantly of insights into the true underlying nature of reality, insights which the human mind is ill-prepared for comprehending, and which rendered their mindset fundamentally alien despite their humanlike appearance.  This has disturbing implications, especially for denizens of the metropoli most frequently haunted by these self-proclaimed "defenders of justice", and the equally puissant foes who appear to come out of the woodwork only after or just before a new "hero" appears, as though attracted to the scent of a fellow member of their species who rivals their campaign for dominance.  Is it indeed possible that, far from being the protectors of innocence they claim to be, the super-folk are indeed an altered subspecies of humanity, whose presence among mortal men bodes ill for our future?  Can we be sure that the forces they come into contact with may not even now be eroding the sanity of these metahumans, transforming them into forces for destruction and havoc for which we will have no counter?  Certainly, it seems easy to believe such things in the wake of my experience, which I shall now attempt to transcribe....


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I'm definitely intrigued.  I like how this is starting out!

Go forth noble heroes!