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The Sentinels hero card / Void Guard

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The Sentinels hero card / Void Guard

Maybe I am blind to how this miniexpansion for the Void Guard works, but I am a bit confused by "The Sentinels" foil card that came with the Obilvaeon expansion.  How does this card work?  I got the rules sheet, but it is not clear to me how this single card works.


In addition, it refers to The Sentinels' Deck (the last paragraph of the rules insert), and I am not sure what this is refering to.  Is this perhaps in an expansion I am missing where it addresses hero teams?

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The Sentinels and the Void guard are 5 different decks.


You have the Sentinels: This is a hero deck in the Vengeance expansion ( ) It is a single deck with 4 hero character cards.

The Void Guard are their upgraded forms, where each member of the Sentinels gets their own deck (Mainstay, Dr Medico, Writhe, Idealist)


So that Sentinels Setup Card you are confused about is one of the cards for The Sentinels hero deck from Vengeance, and is not used with the Void Guard versions at all.


(if you need a bit more: - the artwork here (which someday soon will have the text with it) are the artworks for The Sentinels Hero Deck from Vengeance - any of the other artwork (that generally says Void Guard on it) are for their individual decks.


Does that help?

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