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Someone help me make a plot twist

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Someone help me make a plot twist

Greetings all,

I find myself in a bit of a pickle and want to see what others think.  A player in my (non-Sentinels) RPG campaign has recently come to me and asked to play as a magic sword.  His description is something of a chaotic neutral shapeshifting sword (the style of sword can shuft between users) that can swing itself, float, and pass knowledge onto its wielder.  It also exists on the astral plane and consumes scraps of astral matter.  We conferred about it and agreed that the sword was probably made by some extraplanar entity or Chaos Lord (so basically a god of some sort).

I would like to have a nice plot twist in store as to why this sword is secretly super important, and I have a few ideas.  Please, share your own or comment on mine.  You can’t have a brainstorm without multiple brains!

  1. My first thought was that the sword could have been created by the same player’s character in my last campaign (a demon), as a tool to help him gain strength on Earth while trapped in his millennial performance review in Hell.  Then it’s a cool moment for the player, who is now tempted by whether they want to play the boss-battle version of their old character, or ceremonially sacrifice them with the new.
  2. There’s two legendary swords I’m also considering.  First is Asi, the first weapon in Hinduism.  Asi was the first weapon forged by the gods to drive away evil, so its existence as a sword works.  Unfortunately, as a Hindu weapon, Asi is kind of OP, with the power to “command all other weapons.”
  3. Second is Laevateinn, a weapon from the Norse, said to be forged by Loki with runes.  Since historians can’t figure out it’s etymology, and since I love syncretizing, I’ll go ahead and make the obvious-but-ridiculous connection to Leviathan, the infamous sea monster from Judaeochristian tradition.  For reasons too dumb/awesome to go into, Leviathan would then be a weapon used by one of the Dragons of the West during the Chaoskampf, and forged by Lady Naunet, the Cataclysm.
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What if it's not a sword at all, but a natural shapeshifter that's been brain-wiped and led to believe it can only turn into other weapons?

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It could also be a creature who has been turned into the sword but kept their sentience and stuff. Maybe they're aware of this, or maybe the memory was taken for them and they think they've always been a sword - either way could lead to interesting plot stuff. So if they were changed into a sword against their will and can remember such, their goal might be to seek out the one who cursed them thus and kill them, which will break the curse (or maybe just threaten them a lot and get them to undo the magic, or however you want the spell to work).

If they don't remember, then finding out stuff like that can become an ongoing story - they meet an NPC in a random town who happens to ask if they've seen someone of <insert description here> - no-one in the group recognises the description but somehow they end up finding out that that was who the sword was before they were a sword.

Or maybe the person wanted to be a sword. Maybe they were once a great warrior, say, but lost their sword arm in a battle or were otherwise injured or contracted a disease or something which meant they'd never be able to fight again. Unwilling to accept this, they sought out a being powerful enough to give them permanent martial prowess in the form of changing their physical being into a sword.

Hmm, on double-checking you description, you said you wanted them to have been made by a powerful extraplanar entity. Well, that all could still work, if you just make the one who enchanted them be said extraplanar entity. Maybe the entity wanted to create a powerful weapon but channelling such force into a regular sword wouldn't work - it needed a mind behind it to control it and it was much easier to just infuse a mortal's essence into the project. Again, it could be willing or otherwise on the part of said mortal, and they may or may not remember it afterwards, but there's a few ideas for you anyway :D.

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what if instead of a sword it was a relic, like a shape changing one that could be a sword and change to something else and /or not have any particular shape ... something very confusing and tricky in nature