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Skyscraper Extremist, Captain Cosmic Superturn Combo

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Skyscraper Extremist, Captain Cosmic Superturn Combo

Last game I discovered a simple combo that leads to superturns. I will explain and give a couple examples-

If you get Captain Cosmic's Augmented Ally onto Skyscraper Extremist, you will aready be doing long complex turns like so-
Drop a link into trash(for Augmented Ally)
Use Normal Power to Pull the Link back, or play another link, then bot-deck a card onto the field
Play another card (potentially playing more cards because of effects)
Use a new power (hopefully you have size changed by now)

great. Long turn, but you really arent getting Super-Heroic with it yet.

The way you do that is by having Proportionist out.
Now, all the stuff yo uare doign above has extra context- bwcause yo uare playing cards and (as extremist) using powers that change your size

This means you will activate proportionist's effects of dealing 1 damage to all nonhero targets or drawing cards.

So now, in one turn you will generally be doing the following-

Playing up to 5 Link Cards (via multiple via Link Incursion)
Playing up to 3 Other Cards
Switching Size up to 3 times
Drawing up to 2 Cards
Dealing up to 2 damage to all nonhero targets
Potentially Dealing Irreducible Damage (and if you really want to stack that, put all the many links you just got onto that target)
Potentially Destroying an Environment card, and/or Dealing 3 more Damage to All Targets, or dealing 3 Damage to 1 Target (but not switching back!!)
Using up to 2 Powers
And (Near Guaranteed) finishing the Turn at Normal Size again so you can do it all again next turn.
(Only hiccup is if you are Huge and hit an environment with Hp, or Small and choose not to revert)

Its not an infinite combo, but it is a Super-Heroic turn, Dealing huge spread damage, throwing out huge amounts of cards, and still doing a normal turn on top.
And though it can be a little random (Like Bot-Decking Escape and ruining your setup),
Thats kinda what you signed up for with Extremist in the first place so,
Hopefully people will use this idea to become More Extreme in their Skyscraping



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And with a Dynamic Siphon, you could potentially use all three of her powers in a turn!