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Sentinel Tactics Sets for Sale (Kickstarter rewards)

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Sentinel Tactics Sets for Sale (Kickstarter rewards)

Good morning, fellow Sentinels fans!

Unfortunately, it turns out that my gaming group - despite being HUGE Sentinels of the Multiverse fans - have zero interest in miniatures games like Sentinels Tactics.  Having tried to convince them to give it a try since receiving my Kickstarter rewards, I've met with zero success.  So, I've decided to sell them to someone who is actually interested in using them.

All of what I am listing here is completely unopened (still in the shrink wrap).  If you're interested, please feel free to reply here or message me privately and we can discuss details.

Thanks very much!  :)

Main Sets/Expansions

- Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom

- Sentinel Tactics: Uprising

Pre-Painted Minis

- The Flame of Freedom set

- Uprising set

- Minions set


UPDATE 6-21-16:  The 4 Location Maps have been sold.