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Searchable online FAQ

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Searchable online FAQ

Spirit Island has a dedicated online, mobile-friendly living FAQ. It's specifically geared for "I'm in the middle of this game and have this question?...". All FAQ entries are tagged, and you can do simple text searches (no ANDs or ORs, though you can search on partial words). The back of the Spirit Island rulebook has both a (shortened) hyperlink and QR Code to the FAQ site, so you shouldn't need to find this forum post to look stuff up.

The engine it's running on (Querki) is in beta, so there may occasionally be bugs - but actual downtime is rare and generally short.

The FAQ entries are written and edited by me and a couple of awesome & knowledgable volunteers from among the long-time playtesters / >G. (Thank you!!!) If you have a question that the rulebook doesn't answer (or which it does answer, but still seems ambiguous to you), and you don't see a relevant FAQ entry, please post your question in a new thread here on this forum, or on the BoardGameGeek Spirit Island forums.

This thread is for commenting / discussion on the FAQ site itself. If you note a bug, or have a question about how the FAQ works, feel free to mention it here! - though if it's a critical problem, I'm on BGG slightly more often, so the equivalent thread there will on average catch my attention slightly faster.

(Mentioning feature requests here is OK - just be aware they're not super-likely to be implemented, and if they are it's not likely to be quickly. :)