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Overwhelm and Scenario Powers.

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Overwhelm and Scenario Powers.

Mainly Shard Toss.

I passed a shard 4 times with one action.  I assume this is a major point to the scenario, I consistantly did duplicate, move dodge or shard grab, then would toss it back the chain of Proletariats to score the shard.

It took 5 turns due to a shard drop for Proletariat to win, which was 2 rounds + 1 hero getting 3 turns.  Because they didn't come right at Proletariat they got there too late to do anything.

It went (looking at the scenario map should show how it happened.  The initial proletariat stood on his starting hex the whole game.

1.  Duplicate, pick up red shard, sprint (score shard)

2.  Duplicate, sprint, pick up Blue shard.  (mist moves 2 hexex)

3.  Overwhelm-Shard toss (score Blue shard), duplicate Sprint (next to purple shard)

4.  Pick up Purple Shard, Overwhelm-Shard toss (dropped by the Proletariat on the extraction point), Dodge.  Mist moves 4, removes 2 proletariats from the game

5. extraction point prole sprints, Picks up shard, moves to Extraction point (scores Purple Shard)


Did I miss something or do something wrong here?  The heroes scored 2 civilians and dealt 1 damage to proletariat.