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Open space versus lots of cover

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Open space versus lots of cover

As an example of the difference having lots of cover can make versus a wide-open board ...


Played a two-on-two skirmish yesterday. Our aim was to try out a couple of characters we hadn't used much against a couple characters with which we were more familiar, so we ended up with Dawn using Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and Absolute Zero versus the more familiar Blade/Legacy.


First game was on a board with absolutely no cover (we just ignored all cover). Blade and Legacy won pretty handily. An aimed fission blaster with lots of extra tokens is very powerful.


Second game we used the cover and Dawn and AZ won. I particularly enjoyed discovering the lovely combination of Dawn using Blinding Blast to both do damage and hand out Attack-1 tokens followed by Blood Sweat and Tears being able to then attack with more dice because of those Attack-1 tokens. As for Absolute Zero, Blade/Legacy had the misfortune of knocking him down to just one hit point. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

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