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June 13 game-nite and gencon predictions

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June 13 game-nite and gencon predictions

I was watching the stream today missed the first game, hoping to see it on YouTube later, but was glad to see some char for the first time on the stream and others get more play.  Visionary hit the table and made a good impact, along with one game for proletariat which he didn't do much due to his team leaving him behind, hope to see him in a better team at gencon.  Operative got a good bit of play and showed some why you have to watch her, I think we might see her getting on some of the bans during the tourneys at gencon.  Overall the game play was all top notch and have to give a hand to all the players who was there they all made great plays but in the end I think the true decider of the games was the dice they chose the winners in my opinion.  Gencon will be interesting to watch, hoping they stream them as well, since I will not be able to go this year I see some char getting banned more than others my picks for the top bans are operative, tachyon, baron blade, and Dawn.  I really hope to see a team use Absolute Zero, and proletariat get some ppl who know how to use them to show them off.

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Of course the dice do have an effect, but in my opinion the winners were the ones that made the best decisions.

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If they bring in some of the new environments at gen con for the tournament we should see some of the less played ones. Some of those environments make different characters stronger or weaker than they would be in metropolis

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The dice certainly had an effect, but I like to think our choice and use of bans and drafts was well done.  Watching the feed, I was only unhappy with 1decision - going after Dawn just after we took down Truth in the very first game.  Dice do matter, and you can't really fight them, so you take the best odds.  Pro panics Ambuscade caught the worst of dice luck in the first finals game, but, even if the Operative did go down, that would have been the second incap, not their third.