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Instruments of Their Own Ruin Interpretation Questions

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Instruments of Their Own Ruin Interpretation Questions

Three questions on the more powerful/element-upgraded version of Instruments of their Own Ruin.  The pertinent card text reads:  "[I]f Invaders Ravage in target land, they damage Invaders in adjacent lands instead of [Dahan] and the land.

(1) Can you split the damage from a single invader?  Ex:  the power is used on a target land that has a single city.  That city would normally do 3 Damage.   Could you split it up, and do 2 Damage in one adjacent land, and 1 Damage in a different adjacent land?

(2) Does Sweden Increase the Damage?  One of the powers of the Kingdom of Sweden is increased damage from cities/towns.  Does that increased damage apply when this power is used?

(3) Does Strife affect the damage?  To me, this seems to all come down to what it means to "damage Invaders in adjacent lands instead of Dahan and the land."  I see two ways of reading "instead":

(a) Transfer whatever damage that would be done to the Dahan/land to adjacent Invaders "instead."  Ex: The target land has a city with 1 Strife on it.  That city would do 0 Damage to the Dahan this turn.  That damage is applied "instead" to adjacent invaders, but since it is 0, the adjacent Invaders suffer no damage.  

(b) Treat the damage as if the Invaders' target is other Invaders "instead" of the Dahan/land.  By the rules, "Whenever Invaders Damage the Dahan and/or the land, each attacking invader with any number of [Strife] deals exactly 0 damage and removes one [Strife]."  Since the targeted Invaders are doing damage to other Invaders, and not the Dahan/land, the Strife has no effect, and the City would do 3 Damage to adjacent Invaders.



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Upshot: Everything is the better answer for the Spirits.

(1) Yes, there's nothing that prohibits that. (Note that normally, a single City will split its damage between Dahan.)

(2) Yes. Other boosts (eg, from Events) would also apply.

(3) No, as you say, they are damaging other Invaders.


I updated one FAQ to be clearer on (1), and added a FAQ for (2) and (3).