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(GSF) Our First Game

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(GSF) Our First Game

No real rules questions so figured I'd post this here.

Marot's Folly, Tharendium, and Kharachar's Claw vs Bareg Threllian Syndicate

The starting mission for Bareg didn't hurt us much, once the sector the mission was in hit the fleet limit it was only scrapping the new ships and none of the ships in that sector did anything unless we were in the sector. It also happened to be the place that goes from 2 station decks down to 1 so they weren't playing many cards even after it was overrun. We just let them sit there scrapping new ships while we cleared the other 2 sectors. By the time we went to the overrun sector we had used some cards that gave all of us 10 extra attack, on top of the other bonuses we had. With the cards we had we took out all 5 ships in one round. We took out 3 ships through battle, and the other 2 through cards that scrap ships. I used Deadly Focus to bring one of the ships with me to fight alone, which let me get extra damage in with one of the techs I had installed. After I dealt with my target I used OSC Waypoint Calculator to get me back to that sector and used Ramming Speed on one of the other ships. Intimidate is good fuel for that card, especially when the enemy is making all things cost 25 credits extra so using it was practically useless that turn. We had a rough start but we recovered quickly enough.

I don't see the problem people have with Solar Ransom. Once that sector is full, all it's doing is getting more tokens, so with fewer players this happens even faster. Having 1 sector Overrun is no problem, especially if it's the one with only 1 station deck. Bareg seems to be a good starting opposition because of the fact that most of the ships don't do anything unless you're in the same sector.

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One of the things I've been reading across multiple forums with solar ransom is that when it says in the aftermath stage to flip an oppo ship, it doesn't specificy where to play it leading to people playing it in other sectors. If you think about it it makes sense that missions are sector specific and only apply to that sector so thats where it should go until you hit the fleet limit. If your just finishing the first round I can see how people would think to play it in the sector with the least amount of ships like during the setup or how the syndicate says to play missions in the sector with the least amount of missions.

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It has been officially clarified that it is meant to say "in this Sector."

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