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foreign diseases question.

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foreign diseases question.

on each board, in the land with the most combined invaders + [dahan] (min 1 of each): add 1 [disease]. 2 damage to [dahan].

english is not my first language, this event is some confused.

A land is 1 explorer, 2 town, 1 city = total 4 invaders.

B land is 1 explorer, 1 town, 1 city, 1 dahan = total 3 invaders.+1 dahan.

this terror event can affect to 'A' land?

I'm wondering if target a land that can perfectly solve your event card.

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No, that event cannot target Land A. In other words, the "min 1 of each" clause means that there must be 1 or more of each kind of piece (Invader and Dahan).

As for English not being your first language, you're doing a fairly decent job at it! I'm learning a second language too, and I doubt I could play a game like Spirit Island in it.

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