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EU Shipping for WCOS Preorders

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EU Shipping for WCOS Preorders

As those of you who live in the EU and pre-ordered Wrath of the Cosmos or Painted Miniatures for Sentinel Tactics are no doubt aware, we have been struggling for weeks to get the VAT number we need in order to send out your preorders. Many of you are very understandably upset and frustrated by this delay. However, I finally have good news. Although we have not yet gotten our own VAT number, one of our FedEx account reps, a fantastic and helpful guy named Stewart, managed to get us in contact with another local business who already has this shipping program set up. They have agreed to let us use their account to send the shipments, and Stewart has OK'd this with the FedEx higher ups. We have printed out labels for all of your packages, and will pack them up tonight and tomorrow. All EU shipments will leave St. Louis on Thursday morning, and should be delivered next week.

Once again, I apologize to all of you for this delay, and am also incredibly frustrated that it has taken this long to find a solution.

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