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Enter: LAZER RYDERZ! (It arrived!)

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Enter: LAZER RYDERZ! (It arrived!)

Was woken up to a pleasant surprise today! Perfect for a Saturday morning adventure, Lazer Ryderz was on my doorstep!

I was surprised on how long each Ryder box is. No problem with it, just didn't realize each one would be so tall.

The special finish on each card is awesome, reminds me of old trapper keeper decals my sisters used to have.

Inside of the boxes were a bit of a mess from shipping, but the insert made figuring out what went where pretty easy.

The promo characters are cool, still trying to figure out where I can keep them in the boxes.

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Since the boxes aren't particularly snug, I was able to fit them in two of the other characters' boxes. I didn't bother with the plastic bits, since I could always just poach them from whatever characters weren't being played when we use them!

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Finally got a chance to actually /play/ the game instead of just staring at it longingly. It went over really well! We played two rounds, one without special powers and one with them. I lost both games, the first time because one player managed to line up three prizms in as many turns, and the second time because I veered away from another player instead of just smashing them. 

This one is definitely going in my frequent-play pile.