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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #8: Legacy

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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #8: Legacy


                Legacy has strong builds for tanking, dealing damage, or supporting his allies.

Builds:  DPS, Support, Tank

                Best Power Cards:  Danger Sense, Heroic Interception, Motivational Charge

                Worst Power Card:  Galvanize


                Strengths:  Can take tons of damage, if built right.  Can give lots of tokens to his allies.  Can heal everyone on his team, regardless of line of sight.

                Weaknesses:  Melee attacks only.  Builds are often dependent on 2 cards at a time to be strong, making them require 2 turns to switch builds.

                Works well against:  Ambuscade, Tachyon, Unity

                Weak against:  Baron Blade, Bunker, Citizen Dawn

                DPS Build:

                                Inspiring Presence or Galvanize or Flying Smash

                                Surge of Strength

                Support Build:

                                Inspiring Presence


                Tank Build:

                                Danger Sense

                                Heroic Interception


                Legacy is one of the strongest tanks in the game.  With Danger Sense he can automatically ignore one die from an enemy’s attack.  This gives him the equivalent of 4 dice of defense, one of which is always a 6.  Heroic Interception can give that tanking ability to his allies, but puts Legacy at risk of taking a ton of damage if he intercepts for an ally who has over-extended.   Flying Smash gives Legacy some much-needed mobility on the battle-field, but auto-missing on 6 weakens its effectiveness.   Legacy can build up an incredible amount of Attack +1 tokens, but his base attack is only 3 dice.  It will take him either one turn with Surge of Strength and Galvanize or two turns otherwise to build up to a good overwhelming attack.  Because of this, I find him best running with Danger Sense and Heroic Intercpetion.  Let others do the attacking. 


                If Legacy has Danger Sense and Heroic Interception and drops below 4 health, it might be a good idea to swap out Heroic Interception for Motivational Charge. 

                If you want to deal damage with Legacy, run Danger Sense and Surge of Strength.  Save the tokens from the first round, then use an aimed attack the second round.  If you need to, swap out Danger Sense for Flying Smash to give you the mobility while retaining the aim.

                Inspiring Presence and Galvanize can give an ally 3 attack +1 tokens a round.  This can be particularly powerful when teamed up with Wraith, Bunker, Baron Blade, or Proletariat.

                If you are running Danger Sense and Heroic Interception, it can be very worthwhile to spend one action dodging each round.

                If one Proletariat has line of sight to Legacy and another is attacked, Legacy can jump to that other Proletariat’s location, despite not having line of sight to that Proletariat in particular.

                Consider using Heroic Interception to get Legacy into the thick of things quickly by intercepting for an ally already near the enemies.

                Countering Tips:

                If Legacy is running Heroic Interception, try and hit him and a weak ally in area attacks, so you can double-up the attacks on Legacy if he intercepts.

                If Legacy has Heroic Interception and you want to hit an ally of his, consider either pushing one of them so they lose line of sight or getting Legacy to use Heroic Interception for an ally that isn't in line of sight of the one you want to attack.

                If you have multiple attacks in a turn and Legacy has line of sight to both his allies, see if him intercepting for one would block line of sight to the other.  Then attack the stronger of the two.  If it gets intercepted, attack the weaker one without Legacy being able to intercept.

                Avoid staying in melee range of Legacy.   He only has 2 actions.  If he has to spend one getting into range, he can’t spend the other aiming.

                If you must attack Legacy while he has Danger Sense, either use an overwhelming number of dice, or use aimed attacks (or both!).

                If Legacy intercepts a hazard space attack for an ally, he’ll get hit twice by the attack.  Once for the interception of the damage to his ally, and once for entering the location.  Use this to your advantage to whittle down his health.  If you can stack hazard spaces, he'll take two hits per hazard in that space.

                If Legacy doesn’t have Danger Sense, focus him down quickly.  Once he is incapacitated, it will take a while before he can safely intercept more damage for his allies.

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