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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #15: Visionary

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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #15: Visionary

I'm going on a bunch of trips this week for work and won't be able to update tomorrow or Wednesday.  So I'm finishing the last two characters today.  Enjoy!


                Visionary is a controller and support character.

                Builds: Controller, Support

                Best Power Cards:  Twist the Ether, Foresight, Decoy Projection

                Worst Power Card:  Wrest the Mind


                Strengths:  Dice control, granting mobility for allies.

                Weaknesses:  Low health, weak attacks

                Works well against:  Proletariat, Tachyon, Baron Blade

                Weak against:  Ambuscade, Omnitron-V, Ra

                Controller and Support Build:

                                Twist the Ether



                                Visionary is an amazing support character.  With Mass Levitation, Twist the Ether, and Foresight, she can help her whole team.  However, she has only two actions and can’t apply herself too much.  Wrest the Mind is amazingly powerful, but with Visionary’s low health it only makes her more of a target for the enemy.  Decoy Projection gives Visionary some much needed survivability, as long as she keeps her distance from it.  Psychic Maelstrom is a potentially effective attack, but its low attack dice make it lackluster without support from Champion Bot or lots of Attack +1 tokens.  Foresight and Twist the Ether are her premier control cards.  One can swap a die from itself with any one die rolled once per turn.  The other can reroll attack dice (well, one attack die), with no limit to the number of attacks affected by it.  This makes her very strong against enemies with only two actions a turn, but leaves her vulnerable to enemies with more actions.  Demoralize can help counter strong teams, or weaken weak teams even more.  And Mass Levitation can help characters like the Operative and Proletariat get into position through the roughest of terrain.


Keep the Decoy Projection away from combat so that when the Visionary swaps out, she won’t just get attacked again.  If you can, however, keep it in line of sight of the combat so she can still assist from afar.

Tactical use of Foresight can win games.  The enemy just rolled a much-needed 6 on their final die for an Aim?  Swap it with a 1, 2, or 3.   An ally dodged, but couldn’t quite make the rolls?  Swap a 1 with a 6 or 5.  This can also be used on movement dice.  Not super effective against Tachyon, but it can work well against Bunker or Omnitron-V.

Try and use Foresight once during each turn.  On your allies’ turn, swap out one of their low dice for your die.  On the enemy turns, swap out your low die for one of their high dice.  But use it carefully.  You only get one use per turn.

Twist The Ether makes Visionary a bit like Champion Bot.  Be careful using it on dice that succeed but are low.  There’s a chance they’ll fail instead.  Twist The Ether is a great defense card for Visionary, as it can make Proletariat or Tachyon miss enough to keep her alive. 

A boosted Psychic Maelstrom can devastate the enemy team and leave allies unscathed.  Remember that it has to make range, however.  Use it to maximum effectiveness when the enemy is 4 hexes (including elevation change) away from Visionary or closer.

Demoralize can counter strong token build-up teams.  And even if the enemy team isn’t building up tokens, it’ll reduce the attacks they do make.

If Visionary has Decoy Projection out, you can attack Visionary on your turn to make her swap with her decoy.  This can allow her to travel long distances quickly or support an ally against a potentially deadly attack by giving her line of sight to them.

Countering Tips:

Visionary has low health.  Target her with fast, high-damage assassin characters.

Decoy Projection can save Visionary’s life.  Take it out and you have a round where she won’t have it in play.

If Visionary is playing with Foresight, use multiple attacks against her.  She can only swap dice once per turn.  If you are attacking her allies, try to get them and yourself out of her line of sight.  If you can’t do that, make sure to be close to your target so more of your dice make range.

When dealing with Twist the Ether, try and keep at least 3 hexes away from Visionary.

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