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Dandolo's Guide to La Comodora

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Dandolo's Guide to La Comodora

Since there have been a bunch of questions about how to use La Comodora, I figured it was probably a decent time to post this La Comodora guide I wrote. Personally, La Comodora is my favorite hero and I believe is among the most powerful heroes in the game.



La Comodora can be a top notch damage dealer, a top notch support hero, or a mix of both. Her central mechanic involves equipment cards which require discarding cards at the start of your turn to remain in play. Each of these equipment cards grant La Comodora either an end of turn effect or an alternative power. La Comodora also has the unique ability to alter the timing of effects that occur on her turn. She also, has the ability to cause the best hero cards to re-occur multiple times throughout the game. La Comodora's playstyle can be compared to The Scholar's since maintaining her equipment cards is similar to maintaining his elemental cards. She is also similar to Omnitron-X in that she can focus on supporting herself or supporting other heroes and utilizes equipment cards with passive effects.

Trajector described the feel of playing La Comodora the following way:

It doesn't feel like she's directly engaged in the battle. She's off behind the lines, providing direction and supporting effects. That's an awesome thing to come through in the mechanics for a ship captain!

Objective of this Guide:

This guide is meant to provided both a high level view of the character's capabilities and a moderately comprehensive look at the specific tactics you can use as a player to get the most out of this deck. The more general information is toward the beginning of the guide and the more specific interactions are toward the back.



Best Damage: Cannon Portal

Best Defense: Combat Timing

Best Personal Support: Concordant Helm

Best Team Support: Timeless Treasure

Best Utility: Take Time

Primary Damage Types: Energy, Projectile

Secondary Damage Types: Fire, Melee


General Strategy:

There are many valid playstyles for La Comodora, but all have one thing in common - hand management is critical. La Comodora has many card draw options. However, she has many appealing effects which deplete your hand, emptying your hand early is an easy mistake to make. Decide early on how much of your initial effort you want to aim at your long term set-up vs. short term support to an ally. If you focus on your own set-up, decide if you want to build-up methodically and towards something specific or chaotically but rapidly setting up towards whatever cards happen to enter play.


Option 1: The slow build

This option sacrifices La Comodora's speed getting set-up to instead provide early game support to other players. Generally, under this style of play, La Comodora will use her play phase to either play an immediately useful one-shot, or to play an ongoing or equipment card. She will use her power to support an ally by returning a useful card from their trash to under the top card of their deck.


Option 2: The accelerated ordered build

This option requires you to commit both your play and power phases towards setting up but rewards you with greater set-up speed. Switch from La Comodora's base power to Rudder in the Timestream. Use this power to stack the bottom of your deck with equipment cards. Once you've stacked a few equipment cards this way, use Weigh Anchor to play them. Use your play phase to set up; if you play Harassed Anomaly target another hero.


Option 3:  Maximum speed chaotic build

This is the fastest way to set La Comodora up. However, that also means it's the method that will require the most work in maintaining your hand size. To use this method play Harnessed Anomaly on yourself as much as possible and use La Comodora's base power on yourself frequently to get Harnessed Anomaly back in your deck. Once you have Concordant Helm and Rudder in the Timestream in play, replace your base power with the power on Rudder in the Timestream. Play Weigh Anchor when possible and hope you get lucky and hit a run of equipment cards.


Worth noting is that you can switch strategy's easily without losing too much ground. No matter which of these strategies you go with Timeless Treasure and Concordant Helm are amazing cards and are worth getting into play as soon as you can.


Deck Composition:

La Comodora's deck contains 1 limited equipment card with 3 copies, 7 other equipment cards with 2 copies each, 4 limited ongoing cards with 2 copies each. The 5 one-shots make up the remaining 15 cards.


The Character Card:

La Comodora has 29 HP. Her base power, Time's Lessons, is one of the best base powers in the game. The ability to put a card from a hero trash under the top card of their deck, allows heroes to play their best cards more frequently. Often, it's not great early in the game when trash piles are nearly empty; but once one or two great cards are in circulation this power shines.


Full Deck Breakdown:

Personal Support Cards:

Timeless Treasure (Equipment): This card doesn't increase your hand size, but it does let you cycle through your deck more quickly, which is just as important for La Comodora. This deck cycling also means that any cards you move to the top of your deck with your base power, can be in your hand by your next play phase. Additionally, this card provides valuable card draws to your allies.


Rudder in the Timestream (Equipment): This power cycles your deck. Additionally, it allows you to move 2 cards from different trash piles to the bottom of their decks. This combos well with Concordant Helm and Weigh Anchor, which makes up the heart of La Comodora's fast set-up options. In addition to its personal support function, this card can serve a utility function against certain villains and act as support when on a team with certain other heroes. Also, if your deck is empty you can use this power to move any card from your trash directly into your hand.


Maria Helena's Plot (Ongoing, Limited):

This card allows you to see the bottom card of your deck. This allows you to make more informed decisions about when and how to use Weigh Anchor and Concordant Helm. It also allows you to either deal each villain target 1 damage or draw a card, whenever one of your equipment cards is destroyed.


Combat Timing (Ongoing, Limited): This card is La Comodora's only defensive option. It works like Expatriette's Flak Jacket preventing an instance of 3 or more damage. Combat Timing also allows La Comodora to deal 1 target 2 damage when it triggers.


Shipshape (Ongoing, Limited): The first effect of this card allows you to offset the first card you discard each turn by drawing a card. This helps La Comodora to sustain one more equipment card than she otherwise could while also providing protection against villain and environment discard effects.

The second effect allows you to discard a card to reorder your cards in play by returning one of them to the top of your deck and re-playing it. There are two disadvantages to doing this. It means you can not draw an extra card during your draw phase by not playing cards or using powers. Also, it may require you to pay the start of turn cost of the card you moved a second time. As such, this is not an effect you'll want to use most rounds, but it can be very useful in the right situation so dismissing it entirely is a mistake.

Here are some ways to take advantage of this effect:

-You can move Paradoja Figurehead into your play area (even if there is another Paradoja Figurehead in your play area).

-You can move Brig Teleporter after Cannon Portal in execution order, allowing Cannon Portal to reduce a target to 6 or fewer HP before Brig Teleporter is triggered.

-You can move Chronological Sweetspot after Timeless Treasure in execution order. Using your base power and Timeless Treasure, you'll be able to move a one-shot to the top of any hero deck in time for Chronological Sweetspot to play it.


Take Time (one-shot): This card acts both as utility and as personal support.  Use this card to destroy an environment card, ongoing card, or target with 1 HP. Then this card lets you draw until there are 5 cards in your hand. This is great when you're low on cards, but it uses up your card play, so you won't want use it every turn.


Weigh Anchor (One-shot): This card will play the bottom card of your deck. It will keep doing so until this does not result in an equipment card being played. This is one of the few means La Comodora has of building up by more than one card in a given turn. You stack the bottom of your deck with equipment cards or play this card blindly. Played blindly, here are the approximate probabilities for how many equipment cards it will play before playing another card:

0 equipment: 56.4%

1 equipment: 25.6%

2 equipment: 11%

3 equipment: 4.4%

4 or more equipment: 2.5%


Concordant Helm (Equipment, Limited): This card let's you move either the bottom card of your deck or an equipment card from your trash to your hand at the end of your turn. This is generally equivalent to a card draw. If you're using build-up option 2 you'll want to make sure you're getting enough equipment cards into your trash to move 1 to your hand and 1 under your deck. Additionally, this card allows you to take your play, power, and draw phases in any order. Taking your draw phase first, usually means you'll be able to draw an extra card since you haven't played any cards or used any powers yet. Taking your power phase before your draw phase can allow you to use Rudder in the Timestream one extra time before playing Weigh Anchor or to use the promo's power to discard a card into an empty trash so you can play Harnessed Anomaly on that deck.


Team Support Cards:

Chronological Sweetspot (Ongoing, Limited): At the cost of destroying one of your cards every round, this card will reveal the top card of each hero deck and play each revealed one-shot. With La Comodora's base power, a one-shot can be moved under the top card of its deck. Using La Comodora's draw phase or Timeless Treasure to draw a card, can set that one-shot up for Chronological Sweetspot.


Timeless Treasure  (Equipment): In addition to the deck cycling personal benefit that this card grants, it also lets up to two other heroes draw a card. Occasionally, it's even worth giving all three card draws away to other players. If you can get both copies of this card into play, then any card you move with your base power can be in its owner's hand by the conclusion of your turn.


Paradoja Figurehead  (Equipment): This card can give a damage boost to all hero targets in the same play area as itself. At the end of your turn, you can move it to any play area that doesn't already have a copy of this card. This means that the only hero play area that can have more than one copy of this card at once is your own, and that if you move either copy to another play area you cannot move it back to your own without replaying it.


Temporal Rigging (Equipment): This card grants a hero of your choice a power use. If none of the heroes have a power worth using you may draw a card instead.


Harnessed Anomaly (one-shot): This card shuffles one card from a trash into its associated deck and then plays the top card of that deck. It also grants you an additional draw or play. Used on yourself this is La Comodora's best way of playing multiple cards in one turn. Used on another hero this card will play a random card. How useful or dangerous this is varies widely based on which hero you target. Additionally, it's worth noting that using this power on any empty deck, allows you to choose any card from that trash and put it directly into play.



Damage Dealing Cards:

Cannon Portal (Equipment): At the end of your turn, this card deals 1 target 3 damage.


Brig Teleporter (Equipment): At the end of your turn this card deals 1 target 1 irreducible damage. It also stops that target from dealing damage if they have 5 or fewer HP.


Future Tech Deck Gun (Equipment): This power let's La Comodora deals 1 irreducible damage to up to 5 targets. With 1 or more damage boosts from Paradoja Figurehead, this power can go from merely ok to quite strong.


Flintlock and Cutlass (One-shot): This card deals 1 target 2 projectile damage and 1 target 2 melee damage. Four damage is not bad for a one-shot, but this card gets even stronger with a damage boost.


Run Aground (One-shot): This is a potential big source of irreducible damage. If you are attempting to build up by stacking the bottom up your deck with equipment avoid this card like the plague. However, if you using the chaotic build-up method this card is actually very helpful. The more equipment cards in your deck the higher the odds you get more than 1 card into play via Weigh Anchor.



Sweetspot Build: Start by getting Maria Helena's Plot, Timeless Treasure, and at least one other ongoing or equipment card into play. Then play Chronological Sweetspot. On each subsequent turn, you can destroy a card to fuel Chronological Sweetspot and play an equipment card (or in a pinch an ongoing) to replace it. Use your base power and Timeless Treasure to set up powerful one-shots for immediate re-use.


Support Build: Timeless Treasure, Paradoja Figurehead, and Temporal Rigging are La Comodora's best support cards. In order to maintain these cards, La Comodora will need Concordant Helm and/or Shipshape. Even with both La Comodora won't be able to sustain 2 copies of each card without either outside help or well timed usage of Take Time. This build generally works best when La Comodora focuses her attention on providing 1 or 2 other heroes a lot of support rather than trying to support all other heroes a little bit.


Damage Build: For this build, focus on La Comodora's damage dealing equipment cards and using Paradoja Figurehead to boost your own damage. Maintaining all these cards is very difficult and La Comodora will need to either get outside help for a source of card draws or give up a few of these cards. With even a fraction of this set-up though, La Comodora can be one of the best damage dealers in the game.


Mix and Match Build: While focusing purely on support or damage can pay larger dividends than a mix and match approach, this approach has the advantage of being easier to set up since it's let reliant on finding specific cards.


The Magnifica Gambit:

Imagine being able to destroy each of your equipment cards at the start of your turn, triggering Maria Helena's Plot, while still having every equipment card in your deck in play by your end of turn phase. Now imagine, if you could repeat this feat every round while also, dealing up to 15 irreducible damage via Run Aground. With careful planning La Comodora can pull this off, especially if other heroes are able to accelerate her gameplay.


In order to accomplish this, you will need:

1. Exactly zero cards in your deck

2. As many equipment cards as possible in your trash or in play

3. At least 1 copy of Run Aground in your trash

4. At least 1 copy of Harnessed Anomaly in your hand, and at least 1 copy of Weigh Anchor in your hand.


Having Maria Helena's Plot in play is really strong, but not 100% necessary. Here's how to use this combo:


At the start of your turn, let all of your equipment cards destroy themselves. Play Harnessed Anomaly and choose to shuffle Run Aground into your deck. Harnessed Anomaly will play Run Aground. Have Run Aground shuffle all non-limited equipment cards in your trash into your deck. Then, Harnessed Anomaly will let you draw or play a card. Play Weigh Anchor to put your whole deck into play (since all cards in your deck will be equipment). If you want to repeat this effect the following round use both copies of Rudder in the Timestream to return Harnessed Anomaly and Weigh Anchor to your hand (using Temporal Rigging on yourself for the second power use). It's unlikely, more than 2 rounds of this will be needed though as the damage from this combo is likely to win you the game fairly quickly.



La Comodora: Curse of the Black Spot has 28 HP and is almost as strong as the base version. Her power, backtrack shot, makes this version incredibly strong with a damage dealing build. The ability to discard the top card of a deck, can be useful for heroes like Tachyon, Luminary, or Lifeline. But, used on La Comodora herself it can make pulling off The Magnifica Gambit more feasible. Additionally, this power is usable on turn 1 and it can allow you to use Harnessed Anomaly on a given deck earlier in the game.



La Comodora is a bit slow out of the gate. She needs some set-up time before she is fully effective. Ongoing destruction, Equipment destruction, and discards are all threats to La Comodora's game plan. Cards that shuffle hero trashes into their decks are problematic for La Comodora as well.



Thanks to Rudder in the Timestream and Brig Teleporter, La Comodora has several notably good match-ups.


Rudder in the Timestream can:

-Slow down Baron Blade's countdown

-Mitigate the danger of Voss's Forced Deployment.

-Make it harder for Citizen Dawn to flip

-Circulate Thugs into Chairman's deck

-Put the Mask and Cohorts under Matriarch's deck

-Get La Paradoja Magnifica out of La Capitan's trash


Brig Teleporter can:

-Completely shut down The Dreamer's damage

-Completely shut down any of Voss's minions, Infinitor's manifestations, or Omnitron's drones.



The extra cards draws La Comodora can give to other heroes via Timeless Treasure are especially useful for Bunker, Tachyon, Absolute Zero, Fanatic, Unity, Expatriette, Chrono-Ranger, Scholar, Parse, KNYFE, Guise, and Lifeline.

Out of turn power uses from Temporal Rigging are particularly useful for Legacy, Wraith, Tempest, Haka, Mr. Fixer, Expatriette, Argent Adept, Scholar, The Sentinels, The Naturalist, Luminary, The Harpy, Stuntman, and the Void Guard heroes.

The following heroes really like the damage boost Paradoja Figurehead can provide: Absolute Zero, Tempest, Fanatic, Unity, Mr. Fixer, Expatriette, Omnitron-X, Chrono-Ranger, The Sentinels, KNYFE, Guise, Luminary, The Harpy, Stuntman, Benchmark, Mainstay, and Idealist.


Several heroes have cards that make excellent candidates for Time's Lessons. Here are some of the very best:

Legacy - Lead from the Front and Take Down

Wraith: Impromptu Invention

Tachyon: Lightspeed Barriage and Fleet of Foot

Haka - Ground Pound and Rampage

Ra - Fire Blast and Scorched Earth

Expatriette - Unload

NightMist - Mistbound

Omnitron-X - Technological Advancement

Chrono-Ranger - Eye on the Prize

Scholar - Don't Dismiss Anything and Keep Moving

The Sentinels - Team Communication and Unique Capabilities

Guise - Guise the Barbarian or Best Card Ever

Lifeline - Calculated Action, Unleashed Energy, and Enclave Tech

Benchmark - Deployment Actuation

Doctor Medico - Regeneration, Lifeforce of Will, and Immunization

The Idealist - Making Things Up and Vivid Thoughts.


If La Comodora can sets up her Sweetspot Build and uses Time's Lessons on Tempest's Reclaim from the Deep, Scholar's Don't Dismiss Anything, or Argent Adept's Vernal Sonata. If she reveals Tempest's/Scholar's/Argent Adept's deck first then they'll be able to put one shots on top of all other hero decks which Chronological Sweetspot will immediately play.

NightMist's Mistbound, Temporal Rigging, and Time's Lessons can be used to permanently lock down the villain or environment deck

When La Comodora is set up for damage she generally deals many instances making her really excel when her damage is boosted. As such, Legacy and Ra can do a great job of supporting La Comodora's damage build.

With Shipshape in play, Visionary's base power can be used to have La Comodora draw 3 cards and discard 1 card. This is not only great from a hand management perspective but also in making The Magnifica Gambit more viable.

Tachyon moves through her deck quickly, making her a great target for Harnessed Anomaly on an empty deck. This can be used to grantee that Harnessed Anomaly will play Lightspeed Barriage.

Mr. Fixer's Salvage Yard is very useful for La Comodora since she has a large number of equipment cards and returning the ones in her trash to her hand gives her cards to discard to maintain the ones she has in play.

La Comodora's equipment can make good targets for Unity's base power since destroying La Comodora's equipment can trigger Maria Helena's Plot.

Cards put on under the top card of a deck by Time's Lesson's can often be played via Omntiron-X's Timeshift or The Harpy's Swift Summoning.

Parse's Updated Intel and La Comodora's Rudder in the Timestream can lock any villain that plays only 1 card per round down to a 2 card sequence.

Sky-Scraper's Micro-Assembler is great for La Comodora; it can dramatically reduce her set-up time.

The Sentinels and their former nemesis work very well together. Rudder in the Timestream and Writhe's Extract can combo together to force the villain to play the same card again and again. Chronological Sweetspot has great odds of playing a one-shot from the Sentinels' deck. Cards played from Chronological Sweetspot or extra power uses from Temporal Rigging can trigger Sentinel Tactics out of turn to give The Sentinels an extra power use. Using Rudder in the Timestream on signature cards makes recovering them from destruction much easier since signature cards on the bottom of your deck can be put into play by Unique Capabilities while signature cards in your trash cannot be.

Rudder in the Timestream can move elemental cards under Scholar's deck so he can play them via Keep Moving.

La Comodora's equipment cards with end of turn effects are great targets for Guise's Lemme See That.

Any Constructs that Captain Cosmic plays in a play area with Paradoja Figurehead will also receive the damage boost from Paradoja Figurehead.

La Comodora and Lifeline can each provide the other with extra card draws. Matter Manipulator can turn a card draw given to Lifeline into an out of turn power use.

If Akash'Thirya's Akash'Flora has 6 or fewer HP, Brig Teleporter can shut down its self damage for a round. This means that every hero will be able to use a power at no cost at the start of Akash'Thriya's turn.

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I think that's a really good guide, very detailed, and I like how you organised it all.

If there was one addition I'd make it's to highlight early on the observation that someone else (I forget who, sorry!) made recently which is that she's built to act like a ship's captain: she's not necessarily getting her hands dirty herself, she's standing back, observing everything that is going on, and providing the planning and "bigger picture" thinking.

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I think that was me - feel free to swipe the observation, Dandolo!

Great guide. I was lucky enough to discover the sustained Sweetspot build in my first (blind!) play with her, and I loved the heck out of that. I figured out coupling it with Time's Lessons placing Harnessed Anomaly under her top card every turn before her draw phase, making that one of the one-shots played.

I'm looking forward to my next play with La Comodora, to try and get some of the other combos you describe to work. Thanks for detailing them. That Magnifica Gambit looks.... Amazing.

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Trajector wrote:

I think that was me - feel free to swipe the observation, Dandolo!

Great guide. I was lucky enough to discover the sustained Sweetspot build in my first (blind!) play with her, and I loved the heck out of that. I figured out coupling it with Time's Lessons placing Harnessed Anomaly under her top card every turn before her draw phase, making that one of the one-shots played.

I'm looking forward to my next play with La Comodora, to try and get some of the other combos you describe to work. Thanks for detailing them. That Magnifica Gambit looks.... Amazing.

Thanks Trajector, I incorporated your quote as it's a very good description of what playing La Comodora feels like.

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I know it's been a couple months, but I wanted to throw in a comment on one of these matchups.  You mentioned how the Paradoja Figurehead combos with Captain Cosmic's constructs, and that made me realize what a powerful combo that would be for XTREME Captain Cosmic!  Put a lot of those constructs on Comodora, get two figureheads in her play area, and then a global damage boost or two from Legacy (for example), and XTREME Captain Cosmic's innate power could suddenly be throwing down 4 or 5 damage per construct...

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Concordant Helm (Equipment, Limited): Additionally, this card allows you to take your play, power, and draw phases in any order. Taking your draw phase first, usually means you'll be able to draw an extra card since you haven't played any cards or used any powers yet.


I feel like this needs to be highlighted more, as it's not an innate understanfing of the rule.


It functions similarly to Wager Master's mess with turn order abilities, and it's definitely relevant here. Drawing an extra card can be huge for her to maintain momentum.

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Bumping up for digital players. Needed this a bit.

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She is freaking unreal- easily my favorite of the new heroes. Can someone please go into more detail about her other hero combos?

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It sounds like you have something in mind. What are you thinking of?

Dark Crusader
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If I could add one thing to this great guide: Rudder in the Timestream combos really well with Fugue State Parse's base power. You use Rudder in the Timestream's ability to put one card at the bottom of Parse's deck and at the bottom of one other hero's deck. Then Fugue State Parse uses her power, which means that those cards immediately come into play. It's another way to recycle cards (and you get to put those recycled cards immediately into play).

Dark Crusader, co-author of the Sentinels of the Multiverse fan blog,

Favorite Sentinels: Legacy, Team Leader Tachyon, Action Hero Stuntman

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I haven't had time to play the OblivAeon hero additions much yet, but I immediately laughed aloud when I learned about La Comodora's most abuseable base power in the game. Half the villain cast just became irrelevant thanks to recycling things like Wraith's Throat Jab or Legacy's Take Down every turn without even having to hope for a Reclaim From the Deep card. 

Great guide, looking forward to trying this hero and the other new additions more soon.

Blue-Haired Protagonist, co-author of the Sentinels of the Multiverse fan blog,

Favorite Sentinels: Absolute Zero, Guise, The Sentinels

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I know I am very late to the party, but my friend and I found a very powerful team setup for La Comodora. The principal component is her Rudder in the Timestream card paired with super-scientific Tachyon's base ability Experiment.

The basic team setup is La Comodora, Grandpa Legacy (Alternatively Argent Adept), Super-scientific Tachyon, Unity (or Tempest or any other damage dealer).

Main ideas: Comodora's main weakness is her slow setup. Comodora's win condition is essentially having an empty deck but a full trash (see the Magnifica Gambit above). Rudder in the time stream backloads decks and Experiment on SS-Tachyon uses two bottom cards, provided they share the same keyword. When it works, Experiment is great at accelerating card play, if not, it just fills your trash up.

Starting Phase: Primordial Chaos

At the beginning assume you have a hand full of garbage and empty trashes, so LC's base power is worthless. Go about with her as you normally would (get extra power plays and card draw ins, weaponry of the situation demands, play one-shots etc). Sweetspot is still incredibly useful here, especially as it also fills up the discard piles of other players.

SS-Tachyon applies Experiment only on LC's deck, Legacy's power enables more of that. Even if Experiment constantly fails, it flushes at least four cards per round into LC's trash and gets you closer to that win condition. Unity also has some extra power cards, which can be used on tachyon for additional use of experiment.

What to look out for: The phase ends when you have Rudder in the Timestream in your play area. If it gets flushed into the trash, fish it out with LC's base ability. Generally you want to avoid using that ability on her, as it works against the victory condition. The other card that needs to be managed is Concordant Helm. It is definitely great to have in the play area for extra card draws to speed up everything. More importantly you want the trash free of helms for it to not muck up your run aground/anchor play. The Helm actually can be used to fish other helms and time rudders out of the trash without increasing handsize.

The other players should go about their business, they should not be afraid to use their good one-shots either, as this is the phase where the enemy is most likely to apply hard pressure. With rudder in play, the next phase starts.

Intermediate Phase: Supersonic speedup

With the Rudder in place, you can bottom stack LC's and another players deck. In this phase, Legacy's power should go to Comodora for more use of the Rudder. Using the Rudder puts cards into your deck, but also draws from the top, so it essentially cycles for cards you want faster. After stacking, use SS-Tachyon to execute. Here you have a lot of freedom what you want to do. Want to speed up LC? Add two Harnessed Anomaly to her deck. Need some damage plus build-up? Put Run Aground and Anchor in her deck?  Legacy's ongoings got wiped? Get them back in his deck and play them with tachyon. Now it becomes obvious why Unity is such a good match. You could get two of her golems back in play each turn. Or, even better, recycle Construction Pylons/Destroyed Workbenches(with Unity's base power) and then trigger additional actions on her with temporal rigging to quickly build up a critical mass of golems. This is facilitated by LCs other support, like the extra card draw, power or extra damage via the figurehead. Many games end here.

Late Phase: Mayhem

At this point LCs deck is empty, she has a Harnessed Anomaly and Anchor in hand, and her trash is free of concordant Helms but has a Run Aground in it. For her you just cycle through the Magnifica Gambit. You have to use the time rudder anyways, so you can at the same time continue bottom loading the other's decks. Unity might have all her golems out. Naturally, all card discards across the game should go towards Tachyon so you have a trash full of bursts. If you think it helps, load two lightspeed-barages per round into her deck and fire it. No enemy should stand such a combined punishment for long. Alternatively, you can bottom-load ongoing or environment destruction as needed.

Strengths: Quick build-up. High variance means that you could just get lucky and get extra cards in play by SS-Tachyon's power that really propel you. Damage output scales up to ridiculous heights.

Weaknesses: While the build-up is really fast, it might still be necessary to output damage early on. The Experiment play is likely to fail in the start phase, so do not rely on it. Enemies that shuffle decks are a pain and probably render the deck useless. It has naturally little heal, so exchanging the last player with Tempest might help here.


Additions: The engine-module Comodora, Grandpa Legacy and SS-Tachyon can be combined with plenty other hero combinations. They are perhaps most impressive in a 5 team combo. Two of the best are

(Hunted Naturalist / Stuntman) + La Comodora + Grandpa Legacy + Dark Conductor AA + SS Tachyon

Dark Conductor's base power is great for increasing the discard speed of LC, while getting additional plays with another deck, most likely the first position. Bottom stacking Bestial Shift and Primal Charge is fantastic, getting ongoings in, especially Indomitable Force, can prevent a lot of damage even from strong and numerous enemies. Preferably, the Indomitable Force is played outside of Tachyons power play, because the Bestial Shifts damage reduction often makes the difference between Naturalist surviving the tanking or not. Make sure to use the antelope for the first base power play each round to fully trigger the additional power plays. In a pinch, Grandpa Legacy can also activate the powers, or later Dark conductor. In the medium to late game, Tachyon's ability can be triggered twice. Even Hyperactive Senses, a card that normally is not that great, can be used to speed up LC's card discard. This setup is capable of defeating lvl 4 villains.
The same is true for stuntman, who benefits a lot of comodora's extra card draw and the out of turn powers and card plays.  Continuous play of The Usual Solution and Violent Escalation, alongside Legacy's lead from the front and Moving Target ends games quickly, whereas bottom stacked Training Montages fills his hand over and over again.

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One combo that I've discovered in my ultimate mode games over time is Fugue State Parse, La Commodora, and Freedom Five Wraith. While this trio isn't as fast on the setup for the Magnifica Gambit as the above, it's remarkably consistent in getting setup for playing the 'fair' non-combo game. Main weakness is that ongoing destruction can slow down the Parse engine, while Equipment destruction can slow down the Wraith,

A single man
Standing alone in a field of swords
Blades borne to the unmoving air
An unchanging world as their sheathe
Preserved for eternity
This is my Origin
- Avalon, The Living Sheathe