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Dahan Insurrection - Damage question

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Dahan Insurrection - Damage question

Because Constant Raiding causes damage after the power if finished. If a town/explorer comes back, does it die due to Military Response if there were dahan moved due to the power?

E.g. Vigor moves two dahan into a land, then does two damage each, killing a city. The town returns into the land, does that:

a. Die to the Constant Raiding

    - or -

b. Get returned after the movement is finished, avoiding the damage completely?

I am leaning toward (b). Reason being that the movement is resolved part of the power. Thanks in advance.

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Reading strictly, the ordering is ambiguous - both "add a Town" and "do 2 Damage" are done after Vigor of the Breaking Dawn is resolved, so you get to decide which happens first.

However, I believe it was tested with (b), so if you're looking for the published difficulty, go with that.

(The wording is also all wrong for some standardization that I'm in the middle of trying to do - distinguishing between "when X then Y", which is immediate, and "after X then Y", which happens after a Power's finished resolving. Not crossing that bridge yet, though.)

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 I agree that that's the way I tested it.


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