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Counting the Multiverse

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Counting the Multiverse

One of my quirks is that I enjoy enumerating things. There have been other posts that list how many cards are in Sentinels of the Multiverse, so this post isn't likely to have any new information, but I've found myself honing in on faster ways to count the number of cards and felt like sharing it.

First, how many decks are there? When counting the cards, it's useful to know how many decks of different types there are, plus I also enjoy enumerating the decks in and of themselves. There are 37 hero decks: Ten in the core game, two each in the four standard expansions (8), five in Vengeance, three mini-expansions (Unity, Scholar, Guise), and a total of eleven that came out with the OblivAeon Kickstarter: Five villains turned hero, two more mini-expansions (Benchmark and Stuntman) and the four members of Void Guard. There are 24 villain decks: Four each in the core game and each of the four standard expansions, plus four mini-expansions (Ambuscade, Miss Information, Wager Master, Chokepoint) for 4x6=24. Note that when counting decks, the Title Deck that goes with Kaargra Warfang can count as an additional deck. There are 27 environment decks: Four in the core game, two each in the four standard expansions plus Vengeance (10), four in Villains, and four mini-expansions (Final Wasteland, Silver Gulch, Omnitron IV, Celestrial Tribunal). With OblivAeon we get five more. There are 15 multi-villain decks: Five in Vengeance and ten in Villains. There are four more decks in OblivAeon: The OblivAeon deck, The Scion deck, The Aeon Men deck, and the Mission/Rewards deck. The Scion pile is a pile, not a deck. Total number of decks: 37 + 24 + 1 + 27 + 15 + 4 = 108.

OK, now for the fun part, counting the cards. For this I'm only counting standard-sized cards, and only the minimum number of canon cards needed to play every permutation of Sentinels of the Multiverse. Excluded are the hero variant collection (or, if you like, the individually-released variants) of 67 cards and the foil hero variant collection of 110 cards, plus the additional Kvothe foil card. There are 41 cards in a standard hero deck, so that's 41x37 cards. There are 27 cards in a standard villain deck, so that's 24x27 cards, but there's also 15 cards in an environment deck, which is 15x27 cards, so these two can be combined together to get 39x27 cards.

Here's the tricky part:

  • 41x37 + 39x27
  • 40x37 + 40x27 + 37 - 27
  • 40x64 + 10
  • 10x4x64 + 10
  • 10x2x128 + 10
  • 10x256 + 10
  • 10x257
  • 2,570

And with that, I've converted all of the hero, villain, and environment decks into one number! The multiple villain decks are 15x20 (300) and the OblivAeon decks are 4x25 (100). Adding those we're up to 2,970.

There are 67 hero vairants. I could list these out (and often do!) but for the purposes of this count, I'm just going to use that number. For the remaining cards:

  • There are six villain variants (Mad Bomber Blade, Cosmic Omnitron, Spite, GloomWeaver, Kismet, Infinitor) with two cards each so 2x6
  • There are two additional cards for the Operative, eight additional cards for The Ennead, and two additional cards for the Bloodsworn Coliseum and the Title deck in Kaargra Warfang's deck, for a total of twelve, or 2x6.
  • There are twelve additional cards in OblivAeon: Five player aid cards, five shield cards, and two battlezone cards, or 2x6
  • There are four additional cards for the Sentinels and two additional cards for Sky-Scraper, or 1x6
  • Combined, that 7x6 or 42 cards

Adding 67 and 42 we get 109. Added to 2,970, we get our total of 3,079!

One day, perhaps, I'll be able to name every card in SotM and the count of each of them. Goals! Or, you know, I could, like, learn anatomy or something. 



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