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Cosmnitron Invasion

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Cosmnitron Invasion

Hey Sentinels Fans,

I just had this happen in a game with my wife tonight. She was Young Legacy and I was Parse (we were using some pretty good 2-hero houserules I found on BGG by Jack Darwid), against Cosmic Omnitron in the Celestial Tribunal. 

We were managing just fine. Omnitron had no cards in play. Its turn started. It plays a drone, gets another play. It plays Terraforming. There are 3 trials and two other Environment cards out, so it destroys them all. It gets 5 plays. Plays a drone (extra play), plays a drone (extra play), EM Railgun, Interpolation beam, drone (X play), distentegration ray, drone (X play), drone (X play), Adapt Plat Sub, drone (XP), drone (XP), Fletchettes. I wish I would've taken a picture of the play area.

I now have more respect for ol' Omni, at leat this version. It felt very thematic. We called it because my wife needed to do chores before bedtime, but it was fun. 

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Yes, Omnitron can turn on a dime and become quite viscious, even w/out the extra plays from Cosmic Omnitron's flip side.


Was playing a game recently where I'd set up Omnitron to take a beating from a high-powered team buffed by Legacy. Took quite a bit of effort to surve when both EPEs came out in the same turn, right after the Flechettes had wiped much of our stuff.

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