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Considering a New Series

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Considering a New Series

I've previously detailed many anecdotes from my career of playing Sentinels games, mostly solitaire...not only have I described some of my more memorable games at varying length, and devoted an entire thread to talking about the play status of my various heroes, but in particular I made a somewhat epic semi-narrative out of my various games with Kismet.  Now I'm beginning to do the same for Akash'Bhuta, and am thinking I should expand on this tendency, and create one or both of these things: a fanfiction series, or a series of story-themed forum games a la the Shattered Storyline, Living Campaign, and "A SOTM Adventure" (the last of which has wrapped up, the foremost uses a lot of houserules, and the middle one is crowdsourced, so if I started a RAW-legal, unique and ongoing series, it would not be exactly redundant with any of them).

If it was fanfic, it would involve fleshing out games I've already played, possibly altering their details to create a more interesting narrative; the Wraith Vs. Spite on Mars story which I started would probably be part of it, and it would give me an excuse to go back to the thing, but the fact that I haven't gone back to the thing already kind of speaks poorly of my ability to make a project out of writing fanfic.  Since much of what holds my interest is the actual game, I might be better advised to go that route (in which case this topic can be moved to that forum), but I don't know if folks are interested in participating in a series of essentially pre-programmed matches, where I would pick which heroes they have to use and in what order, and possibly even semi-derandomize the decks in order to reproduce some of the events of my earlier "campaign".  Obviously, if I go too far in this direction, I eliminate all player agency and thus might as well just do fanfic (which is why I'm starting out with this topic in the fanfic section after all).  I do kind of also want to just try my hand at running normal forum games, and may do it separately from this storyline I've cooked up, but historically I do poorly enough at following through with large numbers of epic-scale projects, that I think I should perhaps refrain from biting off more than I can chew, and try to merge the two ideas into one effort which will have enough momentum to keep me focused upon it.

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