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Completely accurate and totally reliable WotC speculation

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Completely accurate and totally reliable WotC speculation

Seeing as we’re still waiting for the EU shipments to resolve I thought that I would pretend that the rest of the forum isn’t happening and therefore present my own incredibly inaccurate speculation on what will be in the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion. Feel free to mock me all you like, but until those boxes are safely across the Atlantic this is the way the game exists in the privacy of my own head.


We know that this expansion will contain a Thorathian, and that they can change size. Well, Voss is a Thorathian and his flip mechanic involves directing the battle from afar then coming in close. When something is far away it looks small, and when it is up close it looks big; QED the first hero is clearly Voss transformed into a good guy. I’m going to call it now that his hero name will be “Panda Hugs”.

The second hero will somehow be Cosmic, and the clue is all there in the name folks. This is the Wrath of the Cosmos after all so this hero will obviously be incredibly angry about something. And who is the angriest hero of them all? Why, it’s Legacy of course. He might act like such an all-around good egg but his problem is that he bottles it all up until he breaks, you only have to refer to the previous expansion to validate this. So the second hero will be “Cosmically Annoyed Legacy”, with a deck composed entirely of thematically petulant one shots.


You can totally trust my 100% accurate prediction that this expansion will be unique in having four different versions of the same villain. And all of them will be new variants of Miss Information: “Quick! Progeny is attacking Megalopolis! …. j/k it was only Aminia Twain all along. Oh Noes! It’s Deadline! Assemble the Freedom Five! … lolz, me again! Totally pwnd!”


I have a feeling that >G will introduce a fourth-wall breaking element this time around, don’t ask me how or why I just have this crazy spooky intuition that it’s gonna happen. I reckon it will be in the shape of an environment, which will be none other than the >G headquarters in St. Polis Indianassouri. Marvel at the unlimited swivel chair action! Watch out for the customs declarations that will make you skip your turn! Dodge the clutches of the wavering beardacles!

Promo cards

This one is so simply obvious that it hurts. Six new Wraith promos? Sign me up!

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(The other environment is, of course, thirteenth-century France.)

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