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Branch and Claw power cards

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Branch and Claw power cards

When you play with the expansion do you just add all of the new power cards to the old ones? When I first got Branch and Claw I used only the expansion cards (mostly because I was excited and wanted to try to learn them all as quick as possible), but then found that I missed some of the classic power cards that I had gotten used to. And then when I mixed the decks together I felt like I wasn't getting enough use out of the expansion tokens. So now I set up the deck with all of the Branch and Claw cards, and about half of the base game cards and I feel like it's an okay balance.

What do you all do? Have you had a similar experience?

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You should use all of the power cards from both the base game and the expansion together*. Among other things, removing a subset of the cards is likely to skew the distribution of elements and effects. The result of this may or may not be noticeable, depending on what you include and which spirits you're using.

There is a FAQ that doesn't exactly answer your question (it talks about using all of the base game cards and a subset of the B&C powers), but has information you might find interesting about including different elements from the expansion.

*Obviously, do whatever is most fun for you.

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I've never even considered using partial decks like that. When I first started playing, I just used the base game stuff because it looked like it'd be very complicated to play with the Branch and Claw stuff as well. Then I had a game with some other people who used the expansion and saw it wasn't actually as complicated as I'd thought it might be, so I started playing with it and now I prefer it that way - I feel like there's so much more you can do, throwing Beasts and Disease and stuff at the Invaders to screw them up >:).

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