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Big update coming

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Big update coming

Yesterday, Underbite posted this update to Steam!

We have been working on a fairly large update based on feedback received, addressing many of the top requests. While we plan to continue to enhance the game, we feel this update marks a major step forward. Because of the significance of the update, we are opening up to Preview Testing for those who are interested. Our plan is to release the update live in the next few weeks.

Highlights in the update include:

  • Four new Powered Mercs that are very tough enemy types
  • Summons now do not despawn on engagement change
  • Ability to rotate character on end turn
  • Vigilance abilities reset to your chosen facing
  • Sarge is player controlled!
  • Dealing double the maximum hp triggers a "Heroic" takedown, recouping 1 AP, and dealing triple gains 2 AP, allowing single attack focused heroes to be more effective in swarms
  • Fixed a bug causing Legacy's voice to not trigger
  • Audio re-balance and new settings options
  • Added Post Processing adjustment in settings
  • Improved line of sight including smaller units having a correct size in blocking
  • Initiative order bonuses now offer 1st hero 1 AP and last hero an accuracy bonus
  • Difficulty settings have been adjusted and corrected
  • Enemy movement and vigilance triggering on hero moving reduced
  • Bunker support mode gained a Med Drop
  • Camera Zoom extended

To join the Preview, right click on the game in your steam library. Go to properties and select the Beta tab at the end. Once there, enter the code "UnderbitePreview" and choose the "open_preview_testing" option.

NOTE: Resolution is defaulted to very low for compatibility - this will be changed in release. In Settings, you can change the resolution and post-processing options.

Feel free to post comments and also please join us on Discord (Underbite Discord) for more direct feedback and interaction with the team.

There is more to come!

We have several more updates planned including:

  • Skirmish Mode
  • New Missions
  • Capes and other costume items
  • Chapter 2 story
  • Additional VFX and animation sets
  • More hero abilities
  • Additional heroes
  • More Super Powered Villain Battles
  • Continue improvement of current VFX and animations
  • Additional updates based on feedback

I think all would be welcome changes. I see they added some specific things to address turn-end facing and make single-attack-focused heroes like Wraith and Legacy more effective against the swarms of thugs.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing more hero abilities, because I found myself way more excited to play the existing Sentinels than I was to play my custom hero character. Sure, my custom hero had some useful shooting and punching abilities, can't make a speedster like Tachyon, or a minion-builder like Unity, or a giant robot like Bunker, or a gadgeteer like Expatriette, or a harvest-points-to-launch-massive-attacks-and-also-choke-the-board-with-environmental-hazards monster like Absolute Zero.

Some things I hope they will consider for future updates are adding in some ways that the archetypes and personalities could affect the game, and giving players more to do in the Freedom Plaza.

I'm glad that Underbite is focused on supporting and adding to the game!

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End of turn rotation and not losing your bots are VERY welcome. :D To say nothing of Legacy getting her voice back.

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2nd big update now live

We are happy release exciting new feature, the Simulator, in Sentinels of Freedom. The Simulator, is a robust skirmish mode where you can choose many different aspects of the engagement including:
Map Location
Objective Type
Additional Enemies

There are also additional settings such as:
Round counts
Random locations
Random Spawns
Quantity of enemies
Rank of Enemies

As you progress more, more enemies and maps will unlock. We will also continue to add more to the Simulator as we continue with chapter 2 content.

In Addition to the Simulator, we also added the Data Banks which provides access to Lore, Game Mechanics and Tips and Tricks. Get up to date on your favorite hero along with with dive into the details of combat!

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