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Better off dead?

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Better off dead?

So I was able to find images of the promo champions that have been released and WOW their dead stats are good.


Promo Absolute Zero:   Environment cards can not be played this turn  

Wraith Price of Freedom:  Put an ongoing card on top of a deck making it super easy to lock down a villian

Bunker Engine of War:  Destroy an ongoing card

Eternal Haka:  Reduce all damage by 2


These seem way too strong.   Especially AZ and Wraith.   For the people that have used them have they been as overpowered as they look?



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It depends who you're fighting. If Eternal Haka reduces all damage by 2, then that would include the heroes' damage as well and may do as much harm as good. AZ Elemental Wrath's is almost always a little overpowered since it makes the environment no longer an issue. With Wraith and Bunker, not all villains use or rely on ongoing cards, so how powerful their incap abilities are depends on the villain.

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How about TLT:  shuffle a trash into a deck.

Can flip Akash or Matriarch at will, or just make sure no thugs last in chairman's trash.

I did use Bunker EOW and Wraith POF in a F6 vs. Iron Legacy match, kept destroying then putting on top the same ongoing, but it was too little too late and it couldn't save us.

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I'm curious why Engine of War Bunker is listed, just from memory, it appears on Fixer and Wraith's incap aswell. So it's not really an exclusive skill like the others.

Eternal Haka isn't always helpful, some heroes would have a hard time getting through that DR.

A note about preventing environment cards from being played, is not all environment cards solely hit heroes. Sure Mars Base loves to kill the heroes, but Silver Gulch can certainly lend a hand in defeating the villains.

Price of Freedom Wraith is admitedly great at shutting down villains that have Ongoings, but those same villains are ones that Wraith probably has the Eyepiece out or hits heroes about evenly. So you're mostly in a tight spot if she dies.

Mostly it comes down to the heroes, villains, and environments in play that will make or break an incap power.