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Activating powers/playing cards with circumstances that cannot be fulfilled

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Activating powers/playing cards with circumstances that cannot be fulfilled

I was playing a game the other day with Dark Watch Mr. Fixer and Benchmark Supply and Demand.

After looking through Spiff's rules and clarifications I couldn't find a ruling on the situation I'm curious about.

These versions of Benchmark and Fixer have similar innate powers with conditions or effects separated by a period.


1. Benchmark's power states Benchmark regains 1 HP. Play the top Card of your Deck. If there is a card in play preventing the playing of cards (i.e. Infinitor's Crushing Cage) can this power be activated for only half it's it's effect?


2. Similarly with Mr. Fixer, if there are no hero Ongoing/Equipment cards, can you still activate bitter strike to deal 1 target 3 damage?


3. Another instance is Setback's card Plucky Break stating to remove 2 tokens from your Unlucky Pool and if you do you get to carry out an effect. If you only have 1 token in your pool I assume it removes the single token and you don't carry out the effect because the cost of 2 tokens was not fulfilled. I know I would still get the lifegain because there will be 0 tokens left in the pool but I was curious about the first part.


Thanks in advance for any replies!

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You are correct on all three parts!

"Play the top card of your deck" is blocked by cannot-play effects, which have no effect on the use of powers.

If Bitter Strike required the destruction to deal damage, the destruction would come first and have an "if you do" clause. This is why it can be beneficial to put Dark Watch Mr. Fixer first in the hero order.

Any effect in Sentinels is carried out to its fullest extent given the circumstances of the board state. :)

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This page contains all the rulings we have from Spiff and what Handelabra received from the video game implementation so hopefully it can help on other questions you might have.

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