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A few questions from a new planeteer

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A few questions from a new planeteer

Just got this in the mail today, so excited; however, I have a few questions:

1) Did anyone else think this box seemed to be a little sturdier than previous boxes from >G? heck, even the expansion box seemed like it could take a little more abuse than most of the other boxes I've acquired over the years... Not at all complaining, just trying to make sure I'm not a crazy person.

2) Is there a list somewhere of the specific space tiles that come with the base game vs. the expansion? I got punch-board happy when opening boxes, and all of the space tiles are now mixed up. Won't be a problem once our group gets comfortable playing the base game enough to play with the expansion regularly, but I think it would be nice to be able to tell what to keep out of the game when introducing it to new players.

3) Has anyone found a better manner of organizing all of the little bits? it all fits in the box atm, but these are almost obscenely big baggies for very tiny components in some cases.

4) The goals reference card lists everything in the present tense, but the rules made it seem like these are the things that had to have been already finished to claim them as completed goals. Am I reading one/both wrong, or is the list on the reference card more of objectives to take, rather than a fulfilled status.

Thanks! Can't wait to jump in to this!

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1 - I had that thought, too! It seems like quite a nice box. The wraparound cover is really excellent, too. I bet this game gets a lot of attention on store shelves.

2 - The expansion has only, and all of, the space tiles with two Immediate Effects. All the base game space tiles are one Immediate Effect + one goal. You should have a fairly easy time sorting them out by just fanning the tiles across your table.

3 - We keep all the Planets in the bag, because that's where they'll go in-game; the resources in the resource bins, the effect tokens live in their own bag because we don't use too many of them, and then all the other tiles just float. It's not the best, but it's easy enough to differentiate the space tiles from the star tile that it doesn't really slow us down in setup.

4 - I think the card is a list of objectives to shoot for; once you have completed the conditions you get to claim the goal. But, if you happen to pick up a space tile with a goal on it that you already meet the conditions for, I think there's no reason you can't immediately claim it. You just can't get the same goal twice.