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5th anniversary foil hero card list

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5th anniversary foil hero card list


  I was sleeving my foil cards last night, and started to freak out.  I don't actually know if I'm missing anything in my foil collection.  I mean I shouldn't be, I never really opened it anywhere, but then I noticed I only have 3 absolute zero cards total, and I'm not sure if there are any missing.  The other heros from around that era all have more than 3, maybe he's special, or maybe i'm missing some, but i'm just too new to this scene to really know.


Is there a full list somewhere of what should have been in that bundle so I can put my mind to ease?




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First post right here has the order of all the cards. So You'll know what's in the foil set

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There are 110 cards total in the foil collection.


Of these, 67 represent the variants. Apologies for the dificulty in reading the list below. It's shorthand, designed to be written in a small space.

Variant Heroes: 67 (YL-1, RCW-1, Ra-1, Fanatic-1, DV-1, EH-1, F6-6, DWatch-4, GIL/B-2, SST-1, Prime Wardens-5, Knyfe-1, Kvothe-1,TNat-3, Santa Guise-1, SI-1, HN-1, CR-1, Se-4, Completionist-1, OU-1, Fugue-1, SSEx-3, CCI-1, VisUn-1, Lum-1, DWHarpy-1, Sgoodguy-1, S&D-1, A'T-1, Como-1, Lifeline-1, XtremePW-5, VGvariants-4, F5-5, Sunset-1)    
  • Absolute Zero, besides his main card, has his Freedom 6 version, his Termination version, and his Freedom V version, for a total of four cards. 

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The thread named foil card order has all the variants listed in the first post

Check your cards against that list

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Thanks everyone :)
I found I had put 2 cards into one sleeve... phew!