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3-hero team goes undefeated against each villain

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3-hero team goes undefeated against each villain

Hey guys so I just wanted to brag post about my team of 3 heroes running the gauntlet of each standard villain, including variants , in random environments without losing once. The team starred my 2 favorite characters, Guise and Akash Thriya. After toying around with a 3rd I settled on Tachyon. Variants and order are

Team leader Tachyon

Completionist Guise

Vanilla Akash

This team is lots of fun to play setting up for a big finish. Tachon does her card draw thing and Guise switches her to scintific Tacyon + more draw round 1. Akash does what she can to get as many cards into the environment trash as she can.

Round 2 Tachyon and Guise usually play the bottom of Akash's deck. Ideally Tachyon becomes burst Tachyon. Even if Akash discards 4 it's usually not a problem, but by the end of turn 2 she usually has most of her cards in the environment trash.

Round 3, if Akash has 40 or less it's time to become spirit of the void and start playing her important ongoings/clog the environment deck. Those 10 hp are quite something.

Round 4 switch guise to vanilla guise.

Round 5 on what you want is to play um, yeah I'm that guy on Akash. Speed up total domination of the environment and beef up the seeds to hitting 3 per hit. I can do that too can also be a big play on akash. Between the healing/dr of the seeds, a few synaptic interruptions and all the ongoing destruction a boy could ask for coupled with massive damage potential, none of the villains even came close to winning, with only 1 incap (tachyon vs progeny) and usually akash ending with hp in the high 20's (36 vs progeny).

Once akash thriya is fully set up, no hero is as dominating as she is. She plays on her turn, the environment turn, and the villain turn and heals and kills all the while. Her usual problem is the slow start as even extra powers/plays are not very effective at speeding her up due to her unique engine. Draws are important (TLT + C Guise), but Um, yeah I can do that too is the only real support card in the game that can help her, giving her an extra End of Turn phase which she wants the most. 

Tl;dr: Akash/guise kicks ass

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Can you give a bit more detail about what you're doing with Akash to set her up?

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Sure I'll give it a go. Generally speaking I try to get all of her seeds into the trash as soon as possible. This is so I can play Scatter Seeds to get them all into the environment trash so I can shuffle them into the environment deck with Rapid Growth, Earth's Attunement, or Cultivation  to start my total domination.

Because of this I almost never play seeds outright. So for set up plays I prioritize Instantaneous Maturation. With this card I summon Noxious Pod and discard any seeds plus anything besides the important cards I will mention later. HOPEFULLY you get another Instantaneous Maturation and do it again and a third time. After that the dream is to play Scatter Seeds and hit self for 4 and add that damage to the 6 you already dealt yourself for a total of drawing 10 and discarding 10 and putting all those seeds into the environment trash. That on top of all the discarding and drawing just done and I'd say you've pretty much gone through your deck. Of course that is the ideal play, so not likely to happen too often, but with more cards in hand it's more likely to work out. If you are in Spirit of the Void form you can even play another Scatter Seeds with your power for another 14. Insane.

Next up are your important ongoings. These aren't too important until the seeds are mostly in the environment, but are very important once they are. Feel very free to switch to Spirit of the Void now to play these quicker, and feel free to play these anytime you don't have Instantaneous Maturation or Scatter Seeds.

The order of importance is something like this: One With the Land (no point getting seeds out if they don't go back in)

Primeval Germination (start getting seeds from environment trash to environment deck while discarding pesky environment cards. Useful if you want to set up your ongoings instead of shuffling the environment deck right away. Also Guise starts helping with Um yeah I'm that Guy once this card is out.)

Cultivation (Once both of these are out the environment deck is usually yours. The power can be used with Akash Flora to skip having to play an environment shuffling 1 shot and keep building up with your base power.)

And lastly Thrashing Brambles (Damage is the last and Ultimate thing on my mind when using Akash. Once this card is out, We're in the endgame.) 

It may seem like a lot, and it is, but if you can start getting your seeds going you have healing (also with Akash Flora) and damage mitigation to help you out and with all the multiple plays, it's not as big a job as you may think. After all that you just need to play As the Earth Turns to fully dominate. 

Hopefully this helps and/or makes sense. End game damage is crazy so the kill is no problem. Plant seeds the first 2-3 turns and your victory will rise up from the ground


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Interesting stuff. I've barely scratched the surface in how to make good use of either Guise or Akash, so this was enlightening.

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