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Eric R
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Spirit Island is doing well! Greater Than Games' latest estimate indicates it's reasonably likely to sell out at the distributor level[1] sometime in the few weeks after GenCon.

They want to minimize any gap in availability, so are putting together a reprint as quickly as they can. (Files go to the printer... sometime very soon. Tomorrow?) The reprint will be nearly identical[2] to the current printing, but with some wording changes and additions (mostly in the rulebook) to fix typos, improve clarity, and help address questions people here & on BoardGameGeek have had. I'll post a changelog once I know what final files are, and the updated rulebook should hopefully *touch wood* be posted on the >G site with good speed.


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[1] = "Sell out at the distributor level" == "The publisher has no more copies available to sell to distributors". There will still be many copies in the distribution system going out to local game stores and online retailers!

[2] = The single functional change is a small tweak to a single Fear card's Terror 2 effect - as part of updating wording for clarity, I also handled a particular edge-case better. I'll include that in the changelog, post it as an Errata on the FAQ Site, and upload an image of the new card face to BGG in case anyone feels the change is substantive enough to actually print out a paste-up or something.

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That is well & truly amazing. I'm not sure any other game I own has had a reprint turn around so fast!

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Dang it. I've had the game for three days and it's already outdated. cheeky

Now seriously. Congratulations on getting such a quick reprint. :)

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Congratulations, Eric!

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Wow, that is an impressive turn around. Way to go.

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Awesome news, and very well deserved!

Arcanist Lupus
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Does this mean good things for the theoretical 6-player expansion?

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That is good to hear.  It kind of reinforces faith in humanity when the public recognizes that something is that good.

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Fantastic news.  I'll be getting my copy with the expansion from my local game store at the end of this week and I can't wait to break it open.  Congrats!

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@Arcanist Lupus

Well at the very least, it definitely doesn't mean *bad* things :D

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