The forums moved on March 1, 2021. Please read this page for more information.

The Forums are moving March 1, 2021!

Hello everyone!

The time is very soon. On the morning of March 1, 2021 (US Eastern Time) the forum will move to its new home. Our testers have been having fun looking around and I think they like what they are seeing. Here are some important things to be aware of as we prepare to move:

  • Everyone will need to request a new password.
  • Avatars have been imported
  • All posts have been imported
  • All attachments have been imported
  • Private Messages have NOT been imported. There are no plans to migrate these. The old forums will remain online for some time for you to archive them if you wish.
  • There are now Usernames and Display Names (or just Names)
    • Usernames are used for logging in and for building the URL to your user profile.
    • Your Name is what everyone sees.
  • Usernames were changed per the rules of the new forums. Your current username may be altered somewhat per the rules below. Your current username was copied exactly into your Name for display purposes.
    • Spaces were replaced with underscores: (Citizen Dawn becomes Citizen_Dawn)
    • A period followed by a space is now an underscore: (Dr. Doom is now Dr_Doom)
    • Apostrophes were replaced with underscores: (Big Jim O’Leary is now Big_Jim_O_Leary)
    • Emails-as-usernames had the removed and became a raw username: ( is now just IronLegacy)
    • Usernames less than 3-letters long had numbers appended to it. (TJ is now TJ1
    • Non-roman letters were replaced with their roman equivalents: (Zoë the Cat is now Zoe_the_Cat)
    • If you have trouble logging in, please email me at gtg <at>

Here are some of the exiciting new features you can expect:

Mobile-first design. The forums will look beautiful on any device of any size.

Dark and Light themes. They adjust to the device's settings, too!

BBCode, Markdown, and HTML. Oh my! Also Emoji are finally supported.

Preview while posting. See what your post looks liike before you post it. Includes bonus HTML preview of links in your post.

Notifications. Replies, @mentions, being quoted will all send you a notification, even to your phone or desktop. And if you haven't been online recently, you'll get an email.

Community Trust System. Every member can flag posts. Every new member must build "trust" with some features restricted until they've "proven" they are good community members. But we still have moderators because they love what they do.

Easy file uploads! Inline file uploads with a dash of preview on the side! Did I mention drag-and-drop?

Spoiler alerts! Hide those things that are spoilers and don't spoil the surprise.

Two-factor authentication. For that extra splash of security.

A Plethora of Plugins. We've already added a few (Cakeday, Solutions), but there's more where that came from!

Keep your eye on this page for updates on Monday!