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Worlds Bonus Match Proletariat Question

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Worlds Bonus Match Proletariat Question

So, I've been slowly watching the Worlds tournament and the last match (with the G> guys) spawned two questions for me. But first, I got to say I love seeing Proletariat used in an effective way it makes me so happy = ) Anyway, the first turn of the game R&U's Baron comes in with an aggresive Regression burst to deal damage to Proletariat. Christopher takes this opportunity to Shared Burden with Proletariat to spawn a clone into adjacent lava, where he further Shared Burden's to place another clone.. and then gets rid of his power cards. Herein lies my questions:

1.) The order of operations with Shared Burden/ Regression Burst is a little too wonky for me not to talk about. Shouldn't the active Baron Blade player be to choose that Regression Burst happened first? I guess if you want to say that "would take damage" from Shared Burden happens before Regression Burst's "deals damage" and whether or not Prole gets rid of his card, he still gets to put out a clone as a condition on the reduced damage from Shared Burden. But this seems like a conflict that normally gets resolved by the active player's choice and therefore Prole shouldn't have even been able to spawn.

2.) I was under the impression that "placing" a clone into a hazard space did not count as "entering" a hazard space for purposes of a hazard attack. Is this not the case? I think I might try some things around spawning a ton of clones if not.

So, clearly, what I'm doing here is accusing Christopher of cheating = P

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I have to think it is legit since no one else at the table questioned it and even the commentators didn't who normally pick those up.  

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The order I think was legit, though I agree it's open to debate.


I think you're right about placing into a hazard space not triggering the hazard, but I've frankly lost track of the rules. Given the fact that the rules are now under discussion, probably best to wait until the version two rules are released.

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Entering a hazard space triggers an attack.  That part was definitely correct.  Spawning a target involves that target entering the hex they spawn in.


I agree that the order of application of Shared Burden vs. Regression Burst whould have been decided by the active player.  The wording on the card reduces the damage to 1 and then places a new Proletariat.

Both Shared Burden and Regression react to damage dealt, which means they will both try to act immediately after health is removed.
For the effect to cut in line ahead of Regression Burst the placing of the clone would have to be before proletariat took the damage.