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Weekly One-Shot #269: The Lunar Years

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Weekly One-Shot #269: The Lunar Years

Baron Blade wants to mark the Lunar New Year -- literally -- by crashing the moon into the earth, while he views safely from Wagner Mars Base.  Fortunately, Visionary, Eternal Haka, and Redeemer Fanatic are there to foil his scheme.

Easy mint.  It took a while to get much damage going (darn that red dust), but Visionary helped Fanatic dig for Absolution and manipulated the Baron's deck (if you're lucky, you'll avoid Devious Disruption).  With environment cards not lasting very long, a Dominion or two results in a lot of card draw for Haka.  With a handful of goodies under Savage Mana and a Haka of Battle, Blade was down immediately after he flipped.  (When I played a second time, Fanatic flipped him with a Wrathful Retribution.)

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This was surprisingly fun. No real rush, aside from spending two rounds trying to dig through Fanatic's deck for some environment destruction when the countdown came out. And then I realized, all I had to do was drop Haka's hand into a Haka of Battle and finish the game before the environment's turn. :)

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Easy stroll to a Mint.

Absolutely no rush here, took my sweet time getting the Baron down. First few plays were Suggestion to keep the nanites on top for a few rounds. I left the dust in play for a few rounds, waiting until both Haka and Fanatic had equipment they could discard before bringing right back into play. After that, Haka had a decent hand and a Ground Pound and Blade was only at ~4 cards in the discard, so I decided to CHEESE IT!(TM) and wait for the Self Destruct Sequence to come into play. Once it did, Haka played Ground Pound, and the heroes never took damage again. For those of you who don't know, Self Destruct, if it comes into play before Ground Pound, does its "Do you want to skip the rest of your turn?" before the Ground Pound is destroyed. If you do skip, that destruction is skipped and Ground Pound stays in play. Infinite no damage from villains or environment.

From there, Fanatic with Twist the Ether ground Baron Blade down until he flipped. Once he did, Haka stopped smacking the Self Destruct Sequence, played Haka of Battle, and BONK!(TM)ed Blade down.


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Agreed! Visionary being able to play 2 Suggestions and 2 Precognitions in the first 4 turns really kept Blade under control. By the time he was actually able to play other cards, the team was set up well enough to deal with him. 

Haka's Savage Mana kept Blade's trash relatively empty, Zealous Offense neutered the Turrets and Battalions, and 2 Dominions filled up Haka's hand pretty quickly. 

The ability of this team to do massive amounts of damage at once made the endgame pretty easy. Between Haka of Battle, Wrathful Retribution, and Savage Mana, I bet you could take him from full health to flipped and then defeated in a single round. In fact, let me go try that right now...