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Weekly One-Shot #267: The Golems of Film

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Weekly One-Shot #267: The Golems of Film

In this blockbuster, Dark Visionary, Omnitron-X, PW Argent Adept, La Cursed Comodora, and Golem Unity battle the Advanced Ennead in Champion Studios.

I got a near mint.  The first game, I made some mistakes, the biggest of which was not getting Stealth Bot with a Flash Forge; it protects everybody against a lot of Ennead damage (until they flip), and against a lot of self-inflicted damage.  The second game went much better.  Besides Stealh Bot, one key was getting Omni an Elemental Exochassis, Twist the Ether, and a Paradoja Figurehead so he could churn out the pain.  Unfortunately, due to shuffles, I never got a Defensive Blast (though I got it in my third play, and it spelled a quick end for the Ennead).  I also used Timeless Treasure to feed Comodora, Omni, and Unity.

SPOILER ALERT: For a fun first turn, have Comodora play Chronological Sweetspot, then discard from her deck with her power.  For CS, do everybody else first.  When she plays a Harnessed Anomaly, select her again.  When Take Time comes up, destroy CS (I didn't get anything exciting the next turn, though it will depend on what you do) to draw a card.  Play the next Harnessed Anomaly on Unity, then play Shipshape.  You're welcome.

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I almost forgot there was a one-shot this week! :O Had a pretty easy time getting a Mint, though. Lots of top-deck shenanigans for the heroes, though I took out Props Department accidentally when I might have benefited from not doing so. This team's got some good non-damaging one-shots, after all.

Mostly, it came down to Defensive Blast with various buffs. :) Though I never had the cards in hand to pull it off with Unity's upgrade card, I ended up with both Twist the Ethers on Omnitron, and it was game over, man!

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Mint with everyone sitting comfortably in the teens for HP.

In practice games I would lean to giving most resources to Unity to build up an army of golems but this time I leaned into setting up Omnitron-X. His last wipe of the board had him dealing 5 damage per use of an Elemental Exochasis powered Defensive Blast (or 20 per target) thanks to Twist the Ether, Parajora Figurehead and Unity's Hasty Augmentation.

I did not trigger as many top deck shenanigans but happy how Omnitron-X brought the surviving Ennead from most of their health to zilch over the course of a round.

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All about stacking Unity's deck for me. (And control of the Ennead deck, of course). They only got three turns, and in both rounds 2 and 3, they only played a piddly Desert's Wrath.

Meanwhile, I focused on getting Unity's stuff out and more stuff drawn with Omni-X and La Capitan. AA got set up to be able to pass a power and/or a card play each turn in short order, which, again, focused on Unity. Chronological Sweetspot stayed out the whole game as well for added fun. This combination and a timely Vernal Sonata meant that in the final round, I was able to play Powered Shockwave three times for 5, 6, and 8 AOE damage, as well as a free Disruptive Flechettes and Visionary's Maelstrom from Chrono Sweetspot. All that AOE damage plus a few Platform Bot lasers pounded the Ennead into dust before Set even got to show his face.