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Weekly One-Shot #261: Rise of the Dino-Bots

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Weekly One-Shot #261: Rise of the Dino-Bots

Okay, its late in the week, but if no one else will start this thread, I will.

Mint with heroes at 18/6/4/10.

Man, I hate Omnitron’s “Sedative Flechettes”.  I don’t know what part of it is worst, the massive damage or the ongoing card destruction.  "Technological Singularity" isn't my friend either, but luckily (?) it came out early and didn't do too much damage.

I really expected more dinos to show up this game; only one “Velociraptor Pack” showed up.  Then again, Bunker played 3 “Adhesive Foam Grenade” cards, so that stalled the environment deck for almost half the game, so maybe more would have come out if he hadn’t done that. Oh, and Visionary ditched an Enranged T-Rex from the top of the environment deck on her first turn, so that is a factor as well

Visionary was the star of the match.  Highlights:

  • mid-game playing “Brain Burn” to clear out Omnitron’s trash (at great personal expense) to cut off Omnitron from replaying drones and devices from his trash;
  • playing “Twist the Ether” on Absolute Zero; and
  • most importantly play “Wrest the Mind” on “Electro-Pulse Explosion”.  I first did this, thinking I could just redirect EPE’s attack back to itself and take it out of the game.  But then I realized that Visionary could redirect the first two EPE attacks to Omnitron, taking it out, and THEN redirecting its third attack back to itself.

Way to go Visionary!

Bunker *really* did not have a good deck order.  He seriously mined his deck and only got a weapon card out for his last two rounds.  Still, his “Adhesive Foam Grenade” plays were useful slowing down the environment deck.  Insala Primalous is not a friendly place for the heroes to hang out in.

Young Legacy got some good punches in.

Absolute Zero did steady impressive damage this game, especially once Visionary played “Twist the Ether” on him.  This let him turn what should have been healing for him into extra attacks.

Good team game.

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I sadly Fine'd this. It was deceptively hard, and I also refused to learn when using Heroic Interception was a good idea. :|