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Weekly One Shot 201 Careless Whispers

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Weekly One Shot 201 Careless Whispers

Ultimate Infinitor (So DR  for manifestations and either “play ALL the cards” or increased damage) vs Parse, Mainstay, Santa Guise, Young Legacy and Malpractice Dr Medico in Dok Tharoth.

Well, this looks “fun”.

G+ games: I am part of the 100%

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The strategy I saw initially was using Experimental Medicine to give Dr. Medico irreducible damage, but I think the real play is to just burn Infinitor down as quickly as possible, so I think I could have done more with Heal Pulse. Either way, Medico didn't last past round two. :C

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Yeeowch. I'm in Fine territory and I still haven't gotten it yet. Closest I've gotten is Infinitor down to 5 hp, but didn't quite get there. Strategy for getting that close was using Red Right Hand and trying to heal as much as possible. With Experimental Medicine and Healing Pulse, that is 4x 3 damage per round, plus Motivational Charge for another 5, all irreducible.

I was focusing Infinitor so the manifestations ate the heroes, but it might be possible to snipe troublesome manifestations and stay alive longer. 



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Okay, I just barely won this one. The main idea is to keep Infinitor from playing his "deploy all monsters" cards. Here's an outline of what I did.

Round 1 is really critical. I put the crushing cage on Legacy, and kept fire away from Guise when possible. You want Guise to be the highest or second highest HP at the end of round 1.

Parse puts down Buffer Overflow, Mainstay uses Lonesome Highway to hit Infinitor and kill the Ocular Swarm, Guise plays Beefcake and gives everyone a gift.  Legacy is caged, so she just does damage to Infinitor. Medico deploys Experimental Medicine and activates Red Right Hand.  That's the main source of irreducible damage that can kill manifestations.

On Infinitor's turn, he flips and plays Crazed Artifice.  Use Buffer Overflow to discard that and just get an Ocular Swarm instead. This is critical to extending your life!

Have infinitor destroy the Ocular Swarm. The Swarm will play a second Crushing Cage.  Put it on Legacy as well. But now Infinitor's high projectile damage should hit Guise's beefcake and bounce off; kill a cage. The manifestation damage will spread out pretty evenly no matter what choices you make, so just get past that.

At this point, Parse can throw Syntactic Analysis on Mainstay to get him both Rhonda and his Void Belter, and can deal full damage to Infinitor.

Mainstay should play Bad to the Bone (attack the remaining Crushing Cage), then use Void Belter (damage the Cage down to 1 HP), then destroy the Void Belter for 6 damage on Infinitor.

Guise can use Best Card Ever to damage Infinitor, then the healing turns into a 1 point attack to destroy the Cage, and if you use your Gimmick, it'll discard an Insanity and save you some trouble. Unwrap Medico's present to get a Triage and bring Guise back up to 10 HP.

Legacy can play Motivational Charge and use the healing it does to throw single points of damage on most of the manifestations. Personally, I prioritized the Reapers to protect my weakest characters, but do what you think is best.  Don't do more than 1 point to any manifestation!

That's becasue Medico's turn is coming up. You're going to play your Healing Pulse and use it to throw 3 damage on the weakened manifestations, killing off most of them. The Red effect will end then, but that's fine.

At that point you should be more or less stabilized and able to start focusing on Infinitor. In my game, I lost Parse first, but the other four stayed up at very low HP for a long time thanks to a timely Immunize, and when I was about to lose I was able to get a last-ditch save by having 1 HP Medico play two copies of Preventative Care, a Regeneration, and Red Right Hand all in one turn.  The Cares allowed Mainstay and Guise to suck up Infinitor's attacks (losing Mainstay in the process) and then the Regenerate healing-turned-damage took down Infinitor.

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Got a fine; this one was not fun. Dr. Medico won it all with irreducible damage and mass healing.

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Fine: after much tinkering. With a final score of: 1/4/10/11/5 and only killed 2 constructs!

I opted to burst him down by the end of turn 2. They key for my strategy was Parse and her Updated Intel card.

The video has my step by step if you don't want to be spoiled. I did make a small error in the video (I didn't read the line "damage cannot be increased" on medico's experimental medicine), but it doesn't really matter I was just trying to kill him without going to the enviroment phase.

I made heavy use of Guise's "I can do that too" card, which I normally find to be completly uselsss... 

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Near Mint with a different path to "victory". Crushing Cages went on Mainstay and otherwise everyone tried to survive as long as possible while feeding card draws/plays to Legacy. Everyone except Legacy went down super fast. Legacy turtled up as much as possible:

- Playing Fortitude and Superhuman Durability + Mainstay's incap power got her past Infinitor's Projectile damage each turn.

- Danger Sense protected her from the environment.

- Next Evolution protected her from energy and Dr. Medico allowing another power use protected her from psychic.

- Legacy Ring and Motivational Charge threw some damage on Infinitor and kept Legacy in the high single digits.

- I had Infinitor destroy any Helion fire damage manifestations or Crushing Cage if the remaining one got put on her.

This made Legacy mostly survivable with the occasional blip of damage being slapped on. After lots of card draws from Parse and Guise, and a Takedown to stall Infinitor, Legacy pulled her second Next Evolution so she could add fire to her list of invulnerabilities. At this point, Legacy was immune to all damage being done. (and just in time as 3 Helions hit the board that turn) Infinitor beat himself up, the environment helped out and then Legacy put down the finishing touches to win the game.


Surgeon Cirujano
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I got Fine for this one.  1st non mint in 11 weeks.

I tried to burst for the my 1st 3 failed attempts until I tried the legacy tank approach.

With the help of a turn 2 Immunization and Santa giving Fortitude on turn 2.

I never used the red hand as I focused on survival and put cages on Parse so that Mainstay could go ham for 2 turns till he died. 

The trick is have Infinitor kill his Manifestations in this order:       Recalescent Hellion > Ocular Swarm > Lambent Reaper > Twisted Miscreation

And only kill Crushing Cage if it is on Legacy as by this point the cage should be sitting useless on a downed hero

With Next evolution being used twice you become immune to Energy then on medico turn psychic.  Or if you don’t have Superhuman Durability Projectile. 

Mainstay incap gives one hit at -2 so Superhuman + Mainstay + fortitude equals out Infinitor’s 5+1 Projectile damage.

Needless to say you only hit Infinitor and nothing else the whole game.

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This one was tough, 3 quick loses, including a couple after checking here. Only won after following Escher's notes carefully. This was fun actually, especially the last turn, where the heroes took him out from around 30 HP. Notably, Mainstay chained 3 Drop the Hammers with 4 equipment cards in his trash, legacy played her ring, then used motivational to deal 7 damage, then her base, and Medico sealed the deal with a Flare Up. 0/3/2/3/1.