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Weekly One Shot 200 Thanks, eh

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Weekly One Shot 200 Thanks, eh

In honour of Canadian Independence Day, Citizen Dawn has brought her daughter and friends to the of Atlantis to celebrate.

Citizen Dawn vs Dark Watch Expatriette, Dark Watch Setback, Dark Watch Harpy Dark Watch Mister Fixer and Dark Watch NightMist in the Ruins.

The  Auroras are near the bottom of the deck, so don’t worry too much about those. Worry about the krakens and falling rocks killing the Citizens just when she’s going to flip back.

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This wasn't easy, a close Mint where I feel I got lucky with Planar Banishments just when I really needed them. You're right the environment is a major pain in the butt.

But I somehow managed to get Dawn to take herself out. XD

Surgeon Cirujano
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This was a tough mint.  All heroes in single digits by the end except Fixer.

The environment killed all her citizens causing her flip side to last for almost 5 turns only ending when we finally took down the krakens. 

Luckily we won before any devastating cards came out.

A few tips are use mantis style with pipe wrench and attack with fixer sparingly.  His redirect is more useful than his power.  Setback’s high-risk behavior and base power also do wonders for keeping Expatriette alive and nothing was more helpful Applied Numerology.  And know who the lowest HP is to make Citizen Autumn useless. 

Controlling the flip is extremely hard and so is destroying ongoing. 

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Near Near Mint after losing the first and nearly losing the second games. I just could not keep up enough citizens due to the environment and thus was taking round after round of damage without the ability to fight back. The first game, by the time Dawn flipped back, she had Return with the Dawn and 2x Channel the Eclipses out, and the heroes had almost no cards in hand >.<  The second game was not a whole lot better, but I focused more on containing the environment than the citizens, and thus she wasn't in such an overwhelming position when she flipped back.

That doesn't mean it was a good position, though. Expat and Harpy went down and the others were all sub 10 hp before I could clear out enough of the citizens and ongoings to stabilize, and that was followed with Devestating Aurora so destabilized again : /

However, at that point, I could manage any individual citizen that came out, and Expat took care of ongoings, so I put Nightmist into Mist Form with a Starshield Necklace and let her just slowly start healing. Setback and Mr. Fixer did what damage they could, Mr. Fixer mostly by redirecting damage than using his power. Eventually they dropped as well, but by then the environment was dealing significant damage and Nightmist could just sit in Mist Form and heal. Eventually she got Aurora'd out but by then Dawn was at 6 hp and an Obliveon finished the job.

I kind of want to try again and see if I can swing it that Dawn doesn't flip or does the flip-flipback by just managing the environment, but meh.


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Settled on Fine for this. I had Dawn to 16 on my first game. A few bad button presses really sunk my game- like Harpy flipping 4 tokens and doing a bunch of single point damage and then accidentally sending the 5 points of damage to the wrong target because I didn't realize all the single points were done.

Second game I figured I'd just play it the same and not make mistakes, but for some reason, everything turned out much, much worse and it wasn't even close.

I have a feeling that maybe you could ignore the citizens for the first while in this game since the environment is so keen on doing damage to them all. By the time Dawn flips, you'd have taken her way down and all the environment cards that prevent Dawn from flipping back over would be gone.

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Lucked out with a mint.  Expat went down fairly early, but her incap let me take out ongoings.  Setback went down around the time that Devastating Aurora arrived, but the two incaps let Fixer pound Dawn.  Harpy took one for the team with Lash of the Elements to put Dawn low enough for Fixer to finish.  0/0/0/9/9, not fun.