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Weekly One-Shot #189: The Dolphin Gambit

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Weekly One-Shot #189: The Dolphin Gambit

Challenge Cosmitron vs. Omnitron-X, Setting Sun Ra, and Xtreme Prime Wardens Fanatic in Insula Primalis.

Fine on the fourth try after getting blown off the board in three rounds each of my first three tries. Piling on 100 damage in the game involved:

- getting the Plasma Cannon out round 1, never losing it, and thus never seeing Cosmitron flip

- Parking behind the turn 1 appearance of the Volcanic Eruption with Flesh of the Sun God for three rounds until Omnitron ruined it with Terraforming

- getting a couple of extra hits out of Ra with Omnitron-X's base power while he kept using Flesh of the Sun God

- seeing Wrathful Retribution with Fanatic at 6 HP

- Not seeing Sedative Flechettes until right at the end, and Fanatic had just Divine Sacrificed to keep Omnitron-X alive

- Omnitron-X dealing 22 damage by himself in the final round between Plasma Cannon, Defensive Blast, and Ra's 10 + nemesis incapacitated power.

But the vast majority of these games will end painfully and quickly. Good luck.

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Scuttlebutt from Handelabra Live says this was a game LewdDolphin rolled and failed at on his stream this week. Which explains a few things. <.<

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Finally got it after who knows how many times and resets. Handelabra will be happy to know the Con Crud is coming early this year!

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This is meaner than that "impossible challenge" one.

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Well that was tough. I actually came pretty close to minting but in the end I probably lost arround 50 times before finally winning.

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Words cannot describe the amount of sadness and hatred I feel for this deck right now.

For those still seeking a completion of this challenge. The lucky trick this game was having 3 Obsidian Fields in a row basically and getting Defensive blast with Omni X + Imbued Fire to deal large chunks of Damage. Ra also didn't have to hurt himself much owing to a starting hand with a Tornado and a Scorched Earth to wipe the field of drones.

Volcano came up on the last turn but was not enough to change things weather it went off or not. It goes without saying Not having Adaptive Plating come up is required for this to work but at the very least if you don’t feel like resetting out the two single copy cards in Fanatic and the Environment Deck turn 1 just to attempt. This feels slightly more viable to come up and look for in your opening hands.

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That is by far the closest I've come to not finishing a challenge in the alloted week.

The clue to keep O-X's components in play saved my bacon. Eventually got a lucky set of draws that put volcano in to play early. O-X tossed a primordial plant and a sedative flechettes to help keep the decks down, never did get any shielding up. The other lifesaving was hitting her for 5 with sacroscant while damage was redirected. I managed to alternate turns where she'd use her base power plus an extra turn to do both, followed by a turn doing just sacrosanct damage.

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I finally tried it, and was dead by round three.  So I tried it again, and was dead on round two.  So I tried the same setup WITHOUT challenge, and still barely squeaked by.  That's going to be good enough for me, I'm not playing this one again.

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I kept playing this one every so often to keep trying at it since the games only last about 10 minutes. Last night's looked promising when Omnitron's first two card draws were Technological Singularity. No equipment destruction this game! I thought "Maybe I have a chance".

Fanatic started with 2 Divine Sacrifices in a row which let Omnitron-X put out a few decent components that would eventually get blown up but helped him do a decent amount of damage at the start and get some good card draw. Plus I wanted Fanatic to go down first. Omnitron-X also top decked Self Sabotage with his power on turn 1. Ra put out his staff and then Blazing Inferno on turn 2. Fanatic somehow survived for another few turns until Ra cast Inferno and finished her off.

This let Fanatic use her incap power to divert all hero damage to a single target. And the good luck kept coming. An Obsidian Field was already out and the environment put out a second one. Then Omnitron pulled out 2 drones to put the final nail in his coffin. Omnitron-X used use power to play Ra's Flame Spike which let Ra use his base power to deal 20 damage to Omnitron. Then Ra played Solar Flare on his turn and used his base power again to hit him for another 30+, but it was way more than was needed at that point.

Can finally put this one in the books and never look back.