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Volcano Innate Power Clarification

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Volcano Innate Power Clarification

Hi, I wanted to ask a clarification question with Volcano's innate power, Explosive Eruption.

May you target the same mountain with the offensive part of the power? So, your presence being destroyed would deal 1 damage each, and then you'd deal 1 damage each per presence destroyed.

Thank you! I've found Volcano very fun to play, although its first few turns can feel a little off due to barely missing the marks for the card plays you want/elements.

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I'm going from this preview:

Yes, the origin land is "a land within Range 1".

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Somewhat tangential, but it took me awhile to realize that without any elements, you can still choose to destroy presence to do that much damage in the origin by means of the special rule. A little micro eruption bubble if you just need to get an explorer or two out of your land.  I think I combined this with Indomitable Claim one time to do 1 damage to a city that River then wiped out with max level Massive Flooding. It was pretty great.  (there were 3 cities there and Flash Floods took care of the other 2)