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Villan playlists (what music do you play when you play the game?)

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Villan playlists (what music do you play when you play the game?)

Hey all! So I usually play Sentinels solo, and because I like listening to something, I've been want to listen to pandora when I do so.  I said this in another post, but I found myself listening to "Over the rainbow/ What a wonderful world" when I was fighing Iron Legacy, and I found the juxtapositon to be rather dissonant, and slightly beautiful at the same time, especially with the card "former allies." I thought if anybody else has any sort of playlist to a particular villan. I've thought up a bit of a list for me:


Iron Legacy - Israel "What a wonderful world/ Over the Rainbow," also probably "Requiem for a dream?"

The Dreamer - "Paradise" by Coldplay. Again, that's another rather dissonant one, but I think the ethereal quality of the vocals matches the otherworldly quality of the people the heroes fight.

La Capitan - May be a bit cliche, but the Pirates of the Caribean is quite good, I hear... Although if you're old school, Pirates of Penzance is rather campy enough to fit the theme of a time travelling pirate

Spite - I find the "Hotline Miami" soundtrack to be rather good fit, because the main character of that video game, much like spite, is on a drug-fueled killing spree, and the 80s Techno-Synth vibes portray that beautifully.



That's all I've got now. Do you listen to anything special when you get your game on? 

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La Bamba for La Capitan


I tend to go in the other direction and concentrate on having the heroes play awesome songs.

A Real Hero by College

Rolling in the Deep by Adele (Pretty much always with Baron Blade- he really will wish that we'd never shown up)

My songs Know what you did in the dark by Fall Out boy

Touched by VAST

Just to name a few

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Agree with Celette.


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I have a large collection of music loops from City of Heroes that I just put in shuffle.

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For work, I made a soundtrack Pandora station by feeding it John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and James Horner. It generally works great for Sentinels games, too!

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I usually play multiplayer on Tabletop Simulator.  That’s not to say we don’t have a soundtrack.  The following songs have come up at least once this month:

Big Enough (the part with the screaming sky cowboy)

Yakety Sax

Yee (not the official version, but my live rendition)

That’s all I can think of, but you get the idea.  Memes and weirdness.

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Let's see here, coming from Paper Mario..


Normal Gloomy - Shadow Queen Phase 1

Skinwalker Gloomy - Shadow Queen Phase 2

The Ennead - Huffen N' Puffin

Progeny - Smorg theme

Normal Omni - Magnus Von Grapple

Comic Omni - Boss Grodus

Kargraa - Rawk Hawk

The Chairman - Macho Grubba

La Capitan - Cortez


From Touhou..


The Dreamer - Last Occultism (ULiL eidtion)

Deadline - Nuclear Fusion (SA version)

Normal Spite - Heian Alien

Gloom Spite - U.N. Owen was Her?

I'll put things in here later.